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‘Here at Go Ahead London, we are proud to be leading the way in promoting a new, more customer focused qualification in the London bus market.’

Eric Dale – Go Ahead London Training and Development Manager

As the largest bus company in London, there are few jobs with a more visible customer-facing profile than Go Ahead drivers. So it was vital that customer-service skills were at the core of their new driver programme. The transfer to City & Guilds from the existing awarding organisation also needed to be seamless.

Years of valuable experience made all the difference

City & Guilds worked closely with the Go Ahead London Training and Development Manager and a group of other TfL operators to ensure that all industry specific knowledge and real world experience was built into the new qualification. Not only did this produce a training model with real value and lasting benefits, it meant that key stakeholders were fully behind the changes from day one.

Successfully introducing the new model

For assessors, implementing the new programme meant everyone involved with the previous delivery methods now had to embrace the more rigorous City & Guilds assessment model. This involved different tasks and observations and a different way of working. City & Guilds’ experience meant we could help smooth the transition even when people were a little out of their comfort zone.

For the drivers, two specific City & Guilds training days were set up so they could gain a full understanding of the new qualification and the emphasis it has on customer service, while operating their bus service.

We focused day one of the training on the knowledge drivers needed before going into service at their garage. After three months, and having dealt with real life experiences, drivers were brought back in for day two of their training, to complete their tasks using their combined knowledge and hands on experience.

The results – a thoroughly engaged team, three graduates and more than 500 drivers working through the programme.

‘From the 1 January 2016, all new bus drivers joining Go Ahead London had to obtain the new City & Guilds Level 2 Professional Bus Driving qualification. We’re proud to say that the first three Go Ahead drivers have completed their driver qualification, 37 are due to complete by the end of the year and 500 more are actively working through the programme into 2017. We hope there will be many, many more in the future.’

Eric Dale – Go Ahead London Training and Development Manager


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