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Tesco’s Complete Apprenticeships Solution

Tesco and City & Guilds worked together to create the Tesco apprenticeship programme, helping thousands of learners build their careers in retail.

Tesco recognised that it had already an internal training processes in place, so on beginning the programme Tesco worked closely with City & Guilds to determine how the existing programme could work best for both their learners and their business. How could they maximise the experience for the learners whilst minimising disruption for stores?

A fully embedded training model

City & Guilds helped Tesco to fully embed its training model. Learners now complete their retail skills and retail knowledge components supported by the Tesco structure of line managers and personnel managers. The programme involves staff across all levels in-store, and the people who know the business the best, Tesco staff, are able to train and assess their own teams.


An outstanding success

As a result, the quality of the Tesco apprenticeship programme has been highlighted as outstanding, with an 85% overall success rate (compared to a national average of 79%). Moreover, apprenticeships are delivering real results for the business – with around a third of last year's successful apprentices going on to further career development programmes.

Judith Nelson

Judith Nelson

UK/ROI Personnel Director, Tesco

 "Apprenticeships are an important part of our career development in Tesco. At Tesco everyone has the opportunity to get on – we work hard to provide a platform where everyone can grow their careers and be the best they can be. We’ve seen thousands of apprentices succeed and we know what value the apprenticeship programme gives to both our business and our staff – by allowing them to develop key skills, increasing their confidence and gaining a better understanding of our business."


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