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The Toni & Guy Apprenticeships Programme

Training is synonymous with Toni & Guy; it’s what the company is founded on, so when City & Guilds worked with the company to map its in-house training programme against National Vocational Qualifications, the result had to be a powerful apprenticeship programme.

The complete NVQ solution

Toni & Guy UK Training provides all aspects of the NVQ delivery; practical assessment and online testing for 203 salons, ensuring that all apprentices have the highest training possible wherever they are located.

Designed with City & Guilds, the Toni & Guy apprenticeship ensures that all apprentices have the fundamental training they need at the start of their career.

The opportunities for staff having completed training with Toni & Guy are extensive: travelling the world, becoming an Art Director having progressed through the company, working in the salon, or as an NVQ assessor/trainer, completing the education loop once more.

An inspiration to younger staff

Following the training path, including the NVQ Level 2 and Level 3, apprentices are given the opportunity to learn more advanced skills and showcase these to other staff members. This provides inspiration to younger staff members as well as guaranteeing a professional and highly trained staff base that is able to stay current and so keep the clientele happy in the salon.

Toni & Guy

Cathy Weston

Director of Education, Toni & Guy UK

“Our apprenticeship programme within Toni & Guy is highly valued. We offer excellent training opportunities to young, aspiring individuals who can further develop their skills to a very high standard. The success of our company is through the education that is on offer to all our staff from apprentices through to Art Director level.”


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