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Remaking Apprenticeships

Remaking Apprenticeships is a research report, commissioned by the          City & Guilds Alliance (Dec 2014), which highlights the need to restore the high reputation of apprenticeships.

The City & Guilds Alliance commissioned thought leaders in vocational education, Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer, to conduct research into the quality of learning received by apprentices. This resulted in the report ‘Remaking Apprenticeships’.

The report considers the pedagogy of apprenticeships, and provides recommendations to take apprenticeships successfully into the future. Additionally, the report looks at the issues that have stopped apprenticeships from reaching their potential in the UK in recent decades which have led this once well-respected training route to gain a poor reputation.

It notes that apprenticeships now need to be clearly defined and rebranded so they once again become synonymous with the very highest quality.

Remaking Apprenticeships makes a compelling case for putting learning back into apprenticeships and concludes that everyone involved needs to work together towards one common goal with clearly defined roles and with employers leading the way.


The City & Guilds Alliance discuss Remaking Apprenticeships

Kirstie Donnelly MBE - City & Guilds Kirsty Donnelly UK Managing Director discusses the report, which explains how to develop and design apprenticeships to become world-class.


Bill Lucas, co-author of the report Bill Lucas, Director, Centre for Real-World Learning looks at the six key outcomes which the report found are needed for apprenticeships to be a ‘gold standard’ route. 


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