Qualification Comparisons

What is my qualification equivalent to?

If you are currently studying for a City & Guilds qualification, or you have recently completed one, then our qualifications comparison webpage should help you understand what your City & Guilds qualification is comparable to in terms of academic qualifications.

However, if it has been a while since you were awarded your City & Guilds qualification and you need to know what it would be comparable to today, then send us a completed comparison confirmation request form and we'll send you a letter confirming what the mapping would be against the National Qualifications Framework (if possible).

> Comparision request application form (PDF, 85kb)

You can send your completed form to:

Archive Services
City & Guilds
1 Giltspur Street

T: 0844 543 0033
F: (+44) 0207 294 3416
E: ASapplications@cityandguilds.com  

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