Construction Industry (6161)

About these qualifications

These International Vocational Qualifications (IVQs) in Construction help you develop knowledge and skills in the construction industry across a range of sectors. You cover the theory and also do hands-on practical units.

Who are they for

An IVQ in Construction is for anyone looking to gain skills in the construction industry. Because they're recognised internationally they're especially useful if you want to work outside the UK. You may be quite new to construction or aiming to move into a role with more responsibility. You might also be planning to move on to higher level qualifications.

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What's involved in delivering this course?

To deliver an International Vocational Qualification (IVQ) you'll need to assess learners on their knowledge and practical skills.

You'll assess their knowledge via multiple choice or written exam. For their practical skills they will need to complete assignments and undertake demonstrations with a qualified assessor.

To deliver these qualifications you will need suitably qualified staff to carry out training and assessment.

You will also need suitable facilities to carry out the required training to enable learners to achieve industry standards.

To find all the resource requirements for assessment and delivery, download the qualification handbook from the centre documents section.

All learners must be employed in the construction industry. You must make sure they can access all the resources they need to complete the qualification.


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For Learners

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What's involved in studying this course?

You'll cover vocational skills and principles for whichever specialist area you choose to take a qualification in.

You can do either a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in:

  • Timber Vocations
  • Trowel Vocations
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Plumbing.

You can also do Advanced Diplomas in:

  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Electrical Installation.

International Vocational Qualifications (IVQs) are both theoretical and practical. They're designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to carry out key tasks in your profession.

You'll be assessed on your knowledge via multiple choice and/or written exams. Your practical skills will be assessed through assignments and demonstrations observed by qualified assessors.

Which level is right for me?

Level 1
You're a front line worker who wants a broad introduction to the theory and practical side of construction.

Level 2
You've some experience and basic skills in the construction industry and you want to increase your knowledge and practical skills so you can take on more responsibility. You may already have supervisory responsibilities but want to progress your career or specialise in a particular area.

Level 3
You've worked in the construction industry for some time - you have plenty of experience, and your work might involve supervising others or managing resources. You want to develop specific, advanced skills in to prepare you for a more senior role or help you move on to further qualifications.

What careers can this lead to?

You can gain vital skills for jobs including:

  • Carpenter/Joiner
  • Bricklayer
  • Painter and decorator
  • Plumber
  • Electrical engineer
  • Electrician
  • Refrigeration engineer
  • Construction operative
  • Supervisor/team leader
  • Construction supervisor/Manager.

After completing a Level 2 Diploma, you can also progress to higher City & Guilds qualifications. Depending on what you complete, this could be a:

  • Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Timber Vocations
  • Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Trowel Vocations
  • Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Painting and Decorating
  • Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Plumbing.

Once you've completed a Level 3 Advanced Diploma, you can move on to Level 4 qualifications in construction or management. At this stage you may even consider a move into higher education.