Electrical and Electronic Engineering (8030)

About these qualifications

Get an internationally recognised accreditation of your skills and knowledge in electrical and electronic engineering with an IVQ Technician Award. These qualifications prepare you for a wide range of roles in the electrical and electronic engineering industries. Depending on the level you choose you'll cover the basics or develop specialist knowledge and skills in areas like energy distribution and utilisation and control systems.

Who are they for

These IVQs are for anyone interested in developing an engineering career. There are introductory options for school leavers and people seeking a career change, and advanced options for experienced engineers and managers.

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What's involved in delivering this course?
To deliver International Vocational Qualifications (IVQs) you'll need to provide your learners with a suitable learning environment and the resources they need to complete the practical and theoretical aspects of the qualification. You will need qualified internal assessors.

For these City & Guilds courses in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, you will need suitable electrical equipment and workshops.

Anyone can take the Level 2 qualification, but you must make sure all your learners can access the resources they need to complete it.

To find all the resource requirements for assessment and delivery, download the course handbooks from the centre documents section.

All learners who want to take the Level 3 or Level 5 qualifications must be employed in the electronic engineering industry. You must make sure they can access all the resources they need to complete the qualification.

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What's involved in studying this course?
City & Guilds Electronic Engineering qualifications cover a wide range of subjects, including:
•engineering fundamentals
•electrical power essentials
•electrical and electronic applications
•distribution and utilisation of electrical energy
•generation and supply of electrical energy
•circuitry and microelectronics
•electrical plant and equipment.

For international qualifications, how you learn and are assessed depends on where you do your qualification. To find out how the qualification works in your location, just contact your training provider.

Which level is right for me?

Level 2
You have just left full-time education or you are looking for a career change. Although you have never worked in the electronic engineering sector, you are interested and keen to learn.
Level 3
You have some skills and experience in the electrical engineering industry and may be working in a role with some supervisory responsibilities. You want to develop your skills to move into a more specialist role or take on more management responsibility.

Level 5
You are already an established manager in an electronic engineering organisation and have a sound knowledge of technical design principles. You now want to gain specialist skills, manage a larger team or take on responsibility for larger or more complex projects.
What careers can this lead to?
The Level 2 Certificate prepares you for your first job in electronic engineering, probably at the technician level. The Level 3 and Level 5 Diplomas prepare you for a range of roles, including:
•Electrical engineer
•Electrical engineering technician
•Electronic engineering technician
•Electronics assembler
•Electronics engineer.

They can also help you move into supervisory or management roles such as:
•Team leader
•Senior technician
•Chief technician.

After completing the Level 5 Diploma, you can also study for Level 6 qualifications or move into higher education.