Engineering (Graduate & Post Graduate Diploma) (9210)

About these qualifications

These qualifications provide a flexible and alternative method of satisfying or contributing to the academic requirements of professional institutions or continued professional development (CPD). They are ideal for learners already in employment or those looking to change their career who did not have an opportunity (or chose not to) gain an accredited degree.

The qualifications may also be suitable for learners who were planning to take the Engineering Council Graduate Diploma or Post Graduate Diploma examinations (9107), or who took some of the units but did not manage to complete the required units for certification before the examinations were closed for registration.

The final re-sit opportunity for the Engineering Council examinations was in May 2012. Candidates who have completed some of the units under the Engineering Council examinations may wish to consult the ‘exemptions’ document under the Additional information section to find out what exemptions they may qualify for under the City & Guilds examinations.

This Graduate Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma 9210 suite of higher level qualifications does not have the Engineering Council’s involvement and cannot be endorsed by the Engineering Council but City & Guilds has liaised with several discipline-specific engineering institutions ensure the qualifications are aligned with the registration requirements for Incorporated Engineer (for the Graduate Diploma) and Chartered Engineer (for the Postgraduate Diploma), which will be considered through the academic assessment procedure of the institutions. For details on the recognition arrangements, please download the '9210 Professional registration (v2)' document under Additional information' on the right hand side of this page. 

For further information, please contact City & Guilds and not the Engineering Council. The Engineering Council will be unable to assist with queries.

Learners will normally attend a formal training programme or course of study at a City & Guilds approved centre in preparation for the written examinations and practical assessments. Learners may take as few or as many subjects as they wish each year.

The qualification has three main professional groupings. These are:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering (contains three pathways of Electrical, Electronic; Telecommunication and Information Technology) and
  • Mechanical Engineering.

Who are they for

The Graduate and Post Graduate Diplomas in Engineering have been developed for those undergoing training or those employed in Civil, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering. The qualifications aim to reflect the international nature of the knowledge and skills and activities needed for different countries or cultures.

General Information

Available in following countries

  • Ireland
  • International

Information & documentation

For Centres

To offer this qualification please submit an application and we’ll help you get set up - you can become a City & Guilds qualification provider within 30 days.


Assessment Materials

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Centre Documents

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What's involved in delivering this course?
Centre staff should familiarise themselves with the structure, content and assessment requirements of the qualification before designing a course programme.

Centres may design course programmes of study in any way which: 
  • best meets the needs and capabilities of their learners
  • satisfies the requirements of the qualification
  • includes extra topics that meet local needs, if appropriate
  • combines theory and practical activities, as appropriate

When designing and delivering the course programme, centres might wish to incorporate other teaching and learning that is not assessed as part of the qualification. This might include the following:

  • literacy, language and/or numeracy
  • personal learning and thinking
  • personal and social development
  • employability

Where applicable, this could involve enabling the learner to access relevant qualifications covering these skills.

For everyone

Additional Documents

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For Learners

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What's involved in studying this course?
What careers can this lead to?
On completion of the Level 6 qualification learners may progress into employment or to the following City & Guilds qualifications:
  • Level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in Engineering
  • Relevant higher level qualifications

On completion of the Level 7 qualification learners may progress into employment or to the following City & Guilds qualifications:

  • Relevant higher level qualifications