Functional Skills offer

New and improved Functional Skills

More flexible assessment, better support, faster results

We are committed to providing you with the most flexible and best supported Functional Skills qualifications in English, Mathematics and ICT.

That's why we're now proud to present more features and benefits to our offer than ever before, including on-demand onscreen assessment for English and Mathematics at Levels 1 and 2, and ICT at Level 1. Level 2 onscreen ICT assessments to follow in Summer 2013. This coupled with ongoing improvements to the paper-delivered tests means assessment is available whenever you want it, however you want it.

Our Functional Skills offer

  • Entry Level qualifications – full suite of externally set and internally marked on-demand Entry Level Functional Skills.
  • Levels 1 & 2 paper-delivered offer – Externally set and marked paper-delivered assessments. Select the date of your choice with just two weeks' notice through Named on-demand.
  • Level 1 and 2 onscreen offer – On-demand onscreen assessments for English (Reading and Writing) and Mathematics at both levels and ICT at Level 1 . Level 2 onscreen ICT to follow in Summer 2013.
  • Fast results turnaround - results notification within 20 working days of upload/receipt of completed assessments.
  • Full integration within Apprenticeships – our Functional Skills are fully embedded within our Apprenticeship packages, bringing everything together in one place.
  • Work Ready programme – Functional Skills is a major component of our new Work Ready offer, which provides learners with the skills they need for employment.


We have an extensive support package available for Functional Skills including:

  • Online SmartScreen Teaching and learning support – range of free and subscription resources including on-demand learning support materials, expert advice and tutor forums.
  • Contextualised Functional Skills materials now available through SmartScreen Apprenticeship Extra.
  • Dedicated qualification webpages where you can find all the resources you need including FAQs, sample assessments, demonstrations and examiner’s reports.
  • bksb online support - access to interactive solutions through bksb including initial and assessment diagnostics and interactive skills checks.
  • Ongoing face-to-face support – Network events held throughout the year and additional support from local offices, specialist advisors, Business Managers and the widest network of Quality Consultants.
  • Video support portal – new 'Getting Started' video support for those new to Functional Skills. 'Getting to Grips with Mathematics, ICT and English' to follow soon.
  • Help switching from Key Skills and Skills for Life – we have a range of support in place to ensure that switching is easy including: a transition support package, help from our specialist Advisors, automatic or fast track approval, online video support portal and SmartScreen resources.

Get up and running quickly
We have everything in place to ensure you can start delivering Functional Skills as soon as possible, including automatic approval for all active Key Skills centres and centres involved in the Functional Skills pilot.

Adult Literacy and Numeracy, ESOL, Skills for Life and ICT Skills for Life centres are able to complete a fast track approval form. All other centres can request assistance to complete a qualification approval form (QAP).

Discover more about Functional Skills

For additional information about Functional Skills, visit the qualification page or take a look through our Functional Skills FAQs on the qualification page under 'Addtional Documents'.

You can also contact a member of the team today using the following options;

  • Email - we're always available for direct queries and advice about Functional Skills. Simply email For general and operational queries please contact
  • Call us – for more information or to book a consultation with an Advisor or Business Manager please call 0800 334 5618.

Further information on how to become a Functional Skills Centre.

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