Pharmacy Service Skills (5355)

About these qualifications

This qualification covers the in-depth procedures for serving customers, checking medicines and maintaining stock in a pharmacy setting.

To register as a pharmacy technician, as required by the General Pharmaceutical Council, you need the Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Pharmacy Service Skills and the Level 3 Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science (5356). You can take them separately, or as part of an apprenticeship for Pharmacy.

The Pharmacy Service qualification is a licence to practice qualification.

Who are they for

These qualifications are for anyone interested in a career as a pharmacy assistant or technician. You don't need any previous experience to start the Level 2 qualification.

You'll be assessed in your workplace, so you need to have a job or trainee post in a pharmacy setting.

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  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
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What's involved in delivering this course?

You'll deliver this qualification in the workplace as part of a pharmacy training programme.

You'll assess it in the workplace based on portfolios of evidence that your learners produce.

To deliver an NVQ, you need qualified assessors - you can train internal members of staff or recruit specially.

To find all the resource requirements, download the qualification handbook from the centre documents section.

You can get automatic approval if you currently offer the NVQ in Pharmacy Services (7355).

Anyone can take the Level 2 qualification, but you must make sure all your learners can access the resources they need to complete it.

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For Learners

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What's involved in studying this course?

At Level 2 you'll gain the skills to work in a pharmacy team, process prescriptions and manage stock. You'll cover things like:

  • health and safety
  • teamwork
  • helping to fill prescriptions
  • providing a service to meet your customers' needs.

At Level 3 you'll gain skills to be able to dispense medicines and contribute to the running of a pharmacy workplace safely and efficiently. You'll cover things like:

  • health and safety
  • processing queries
  • confirming that prescriptions are valid
  • issuing medicines according to prescriptions
  • ordering, receiving and maintaining stock
  • checking that you have filled prescriptions accurately
  • giving advice on symptoms.

To gain an NVQ, you need to show you've got a particular set of skills. You usually work with your training provider to review your current skills and find the best way to gain new ones - perhaps by trying new things at work, or by studying.

These NVQs are assessed at work during your training placement in a pharmacy. For each unit your assessor watches and asks questions as you perform a task, or looks at a portfolio of work that you've built as formal evidence of your learning. Then they confirm you've got the skills to do the job well.

Which level is right for me?

Level 2
You have just started your trainee post as a pharmacy assistant and are developing your skills to take on basic duties in the pharmacy setting. You may be taking an apprenticeship.

Level 3
You've worked in a pharmacy setting for some time and have completed your Level 2 qualification. You're ready to increase your skills relating to pharmacy procedures, in order to register as a pharmacy technician. You may be taking an apprenticeship.

What careers can this lead to?
Level 2
The Level 2 qualification is part of an approved training scheme that allows you to work as a pharmacy assistant.
Level 3
The Level 3 qualification is part of an approved training scheme that allows you to work as a pharmacy technician, dispensing medicines in a pharmacy setting.

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