Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (7329)

Replacement qualification (5329)

About these qualifications

The NVQ in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools covers a wide range of skills to meet the support needs of school pupils - in primary, secondary or special needs schools. Achieving the NVQ demonstrates how well you work and your skills relating to pupil welfare, care, behaviour and learning.

Who are they for

An NVQ in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools is for anyone currently working as a teaching assistant in any type of school. The NVQ would also suit you if you provide midday and cover supervision, pastoral, bilingual and subject support, or special educational needs and additional support.

General Information

Available in following countries

  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland

SmartScreen available for this qualification

SmartScreen is our online portal for tutor, assessors and learners that provides unit-specific support materials and tutor forums to complement the delivery and learning experience.


Information & documentation

For Centres

To offer this qualification please submit an application and we’ll help you get set up - you can become a City & Guilds qualification provider within 30 days.


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What's involved in delivering this course?

To deliver these qualifications you will need suitably qualified staff to carry out training and assessment.

For the NVQ in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools your assessor will look at a portfolio of work that the learner has built as formal evidence of their learning. This will confirm if the learner has the skills to do the job well.

You will also need suitable facilities to carry out the required training to enable learners to achieve industry standards.

You can get fast-track approval if you offer: Levels 2 and 3 NVQ for Teaching Assistants, or Levels 2 and 3 NVQ Classroom Assistants

To find all the resource requirements for assessment and delivery, download the qualification handbook from the centre documents section.

All learners must be employed in teaching and learning support in schools. You must make sure they can access all the resources they need to complete the qualification.

For everyone

Additional Documents

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For Learners

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What's involved in studying this course?

You'll cover things like:

  • Administration
  • Supporting individuals during therapy sessions
  • Promoting positive relationships
  • Encouraging independence, self-esteem, self-reliance and learning skills
  • Developing pupils' subject-related knowledge, understanding and skills
  • Supporting bilingual/multilingual pupils.

To gain an NVQ, you need to show you've got a particular set of skills. You usually work with your training provider to review your current skills and find the best way to gain new ones - perhaps by trying new things at work, or by studying.

NVQs are assessed at work or in a simulated workplace. For each unit your assessor watches and asks questions as you perform a task, or looks at a portfolio of work that you've built as formal evidence of your learning. Then they confirm you've got the skills to do the job well.

For the NVQ in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools, you will need to provide a portfolio of evidence, including a testimony from an expert observing you at work.

Which level is right for me?

Level 2
You have some knowledge and basic skills such as helping to keep children safe and supporting their development alongside the class teacher. You want to increase your skills and take on more responsibility in the classroom.

Level 3
You've worked in this sector for some time. You have plenty of experience - perhaps supporting pupil's learning activities, promoting positive behaviour and effective teamwork. You want to develop your skills further, and in future possibly lead a team effectively or become a mentor.

What careers can this lead to?

An NVQ in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools will develop your current skills and could help you take on a more senior role as a teaching assistant or learning support assistant. It could be a step on your way to other careers, such as:

  • Learning mentor
  • School teacher
  • Special educational needs teacher
  • Teacher of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).

    An NVQ Level 3 could also lead to roles such as:

    • Play worker
    • Youth worker
    • Childcare worker.

    After taking Level 2, you could move on to Level 3 of the qualification. After taking Level 3, you could go on to the do Level 3 or Level 4 Award in Preparing To Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

    Both levels could also lead you into NVQs for other similar sectors, such as:- health and social care- children's care, learning and development- youth work.