Guidance on completing the online application

The application is your main opportunity to tell us about you and your plans.  We strongly recommend that you prepare your answers offline before you complete the online application. 

The application is split over five sections 


Section 1: About you

This section is designed to tell us more about your personal situation. Please answer all questions and write your answers clearly.


Section 2: Your financial circumstances

In this section we ask you to tell us about either you or your household’s income and expenditure.

We also ask you to tell us about any debts and savings you or your household have.

If you are in employment/self-employed please tell us more about YOUR income and expenditure

If you are a unemployed, or not earning income, or under 18, please tell us more about the HOUSEHOLD income and expenditure.

A summary of the financial information you will need to provide can be found here: Guidance on Financial Information (PDF, 122KB).


Section 3: About your bursary 

In this section please tell us more about the City & Guilds or ILM qualification that a bursary would support.

  • You will need to list the correct course name, the name of the centre you are interested in studying and (if known) the course code.
  • You will need to provide a full breakdown of the financial support you are requesting.

Do you know the course details? Check on to find out or speak to our

Customer Services team on 0844 543 0000 or email


Please note a City & Guilds Group bursary would support costs that arise as a result of you completing your City & Guilds or ILM qualification. This includes:

  • Course and/or Exam Fees – You will need to get a quote from the centre of course fees. If the latest course costs are not available, we will accept a quote from the last course of this type run by the centre.
  • Tools/Materials/Books – You will need to gather quotes of specific tools, materials and/or books that you will require.
  • Travel – You will need to decide the mode of transport that you will be using to travel to and from the centre. You will then need to cost a return journey and then multiply this by the number of journeys you will need to undertake for the duration of the course.
  • Childcare – You will need to calculate what childcare provision you will need by getting a quote from a registered Childcare Provider. City & Guilds Group ONLY provide support towards registered Childcare.
  • Living Costs – Please note living costs are rarely supported and only considered in extreme circumstances. For example, lunch costs could be covered on exceptional basis.

Unless you have had to move a significant distance away from your previous home with valid reasons in order to complete your qualification, costs such as rent and bills will not be considered.


Section 4: Further Information on why you are applying for a City & Guilds bursary, and what difference a City & Guilds it will make to your life

In this section we require further information on why you are applying for a City & Guilds Group bursary, and what difference this will make to your life.

1. Explain why you require financial support to do this qualification.

A strong answer to this question would include

  • An overview of your life, including specific challenges you face (in getting work for example)
  • An overview of your financial position
  • What has led you to applying for a City & Guilds Group Bursary?
  • Further information on what motivates you to do the qualification you are applying for


2. Other than financially, what other challenges will you find about doing this course?

A strong answer to this question should

  • Give us an understanding of the research you have undertaken to prepare for this course
  • Demonstrate that you have considered possible challenges that could arise as a result of doing this course and maintaining your existing lifestyle.


3. How will you overcome these difficulties?

A strong answer to this question should

  • Demonstrate that you have clearly thought about solutions to the challenges mentioned in your previous answer.


4. If you were able to complete this course, how would this help you towards financial independence?

A strong answer to this question would

  • Demonstrate how completing this course will make a difference to your life and to your financial independence.


5. What do you plan to do once you are qualified?

A strong answer to this question will include

  • Specific plans and next steps that you have already identified to pursue, once you have completed your qualification.


6. How would you be a good Bursary winner representative for the City & Guilds Group Bursary programme?

A strong answer to this question should

  • Highlight the attributes and characteristics that you think would make you a good role model, as a learner. You may wish to give an example from your experience.


Section 5: Statements that best describe you 

In this section, you will be required to select an answer from across a series of multiple choice statements that best describe you. As there are no right or wrong answers, we would suggest that you do not spend too much time on this section, and you instead focus on selecting an answer from each set of statements.

All of the information on this page is available in this PDF: Guidance on completing the online application (PDF, 812KB)

International Foundation

As part of our commitment to the local communities we work with, City & Guilds has launched an international bursary scheme.

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