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Workplace Skills:              How it works

City & Guilds Workplace Skills uses a blended approach to learning that combines rich elearning and online activities with practical  hands-on experiences.

This allows learners to gain confidence by applying their workplace skills in real-world scenarios.

The elearning and online activities are delivered through Skills Zone, the online gateway to Workplace Skills.


What is Skills Zone?

Skills Zone is an innovative online learning hub for both learners and tutors. It brings together the various activities of City & Guilds Workplace Skills into one social learning environment.

Within Skills Zone, learners can prepare for their work placement, practise each skill via rich elearning and discuss topics with tutors and peers. Tutors can award badges to learners as they achieve specific skills. Learners can add these to an online CV, showcasing their achievements to potential employers.

Skills Zone can be used on desktop PCs, mobile phones and tablets. It gives learners the freedom to practice and develop their skills anytime and anywhere, whether in the classroom, in the workplace, or on the go.

Skills Zone: how to use the platform Find out about the Skills Zone including My Skills, My CV and how you can track learner progress.

The Skills Zone online learning hub also includes a Performance Optimiser which provides access to rich analytics to track performance and effectiveness of individual learners and groups.

Skills Zone: a tutor’s experiences Tutor Thomas Brosnan tells us about Harrow College’s experiences using the Skills Zone platform, including getting started, the skills checker and digital badging.

What does Workplace Skills consist of?

City & Guilds Workplace Skills requires learners to take part in a mix of rich elearning, and practical real-world experiences.

City & Guilds Workplace Skills consists of 4 main experiences:

  • MySkills – is rich elearning content that uses gamification to engage and motivate learners. They are delivered through Skills Zone, and include 24 workplace skills which are mapped to the 7 core employability skills of City & Guilds Workplace Skills
  • My Team Challenge – is a national competition that allows learners to work together on a task that is set and judged by leading employers, such as the BBC Read more
  • My Project Qualification – is a project that involves planning, research, critical thinking, evaluation and presentation skills. This qualification is available at Level 2 and 3, and is highly regarded by universities and schools for promoting independent learning. Level 3 carries UCAS points to support progression to higher education Read more
  • My Work placement support – is provided through Skills Zone and gives learners access to elearning to help them get the most from their placement. It also includes an interactive logbook to help them track and review what they’ve learnt.

The outcomes of the 4 experiences are recognition through Open Badge, Digital Credentials in the 7 Skills Areas and portability through My CV. My CV is an online CV, showcasing everything the learner has achieved including prior learning. Open Badges are web-based credentials that verify a learner’s skills and achievements on their online CV.

Communication (Work Ready)

What are Open Badges? 

Open Badges are web-based credentials that verify and highlight the achievements of a learner.

Once a learner has demonstrated each of the core employability skills, tutors can award Open Badges through Skills Zone.

Within Skills Zone, learners can showcase their badges via their rich online CV to potential employers. They can also control and manage their badges with their badge backpack, which can also be shared with interested companies through popular business networking platforms such as LinkedIn.

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