How Learning Assistant works for your organisation

Learning Assistant can support training organisations in raising the standards of learning provision, meeting Ofsted requirements and providing solutions to common challenges.  Learning Assistant enables training organisations to ensure standardisation across provision, monitor performance and facilitate stakeholder and employer inclusivity. 

Learning Assistant will benefit your organisation by:

  • Increasing profitability by improving staff efficiency and reducing qualification delivery time.
  • Supporting Ofsted requirements through enhancing employer engagement and utilising digital platforms.
  • Improving the quality of training by increasing the effectiveness of staff and enhancing the learning experience.
  • Ensuring full transparency and accountability by improving reporting, quality control and standardisation.

Learning Assistant is:

Market leading

  • From the industry‚Äôs most recognised and trusted brand
  • Endorsed by OCR, Edexcel and ILM


  • Outsourced solution.

Robust and secure

  • Comprehensive service level agreements including full disaster recovery capability
  • Daily back-ups and data security.

Easy to set-up and run

  • No software or hardware to install and no internal IT support requirements
  • Customisable to centre needs and corporate branding
  • Full integration capabilities with MIS systems


  • Accessible anywhere with multi-site access
  • Learning Assistant App available for iPhone, iPad and Android.


  • Based on the traditional paper-based portfolio delivery method
  • Intuitive and logical interface.

Designed to meet customer needs

  • Flexible course building tools enable the build of bespoke training courses
  • Course folders provide a central store of all course information
  • Personalised evidence folders make e-portfolio management easy
  • Smart assessment and verification tools enable assessors and verifiers to assess candidate work and record feedback online
  • Comprehensive progress tracking systems provide real-time learner progress reports
  • Evidence Wizard tool enable cross-referencing of evidence holistically and the submission of competence claims against course standards.


  • Works across all awarding organisations.

Fully supported

  • Best-in-class customer support and dedicated advisors
  • Free onsite training and refresher network events
  • Regular no-charge updates every 6 months.

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