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LA Connect

Learning Assistant connected to the City & Guilds Walled Garden and Evolve! By simply enrolling your candidate into Learning Assistant, they will be registered on to the City & Guilds Walled Garden. This new functionality will then let your assessors or registrars book the evolve test directly from Learning Assistant, and the results will be fed from evolve back to Learning Assistant once the candidate has completed the test. Finally, once your candidate has completed their course your IQAs can process a Result Entry by clicking Award VQ in Learning Assistant.

The benefits:

  • Avoid double entry – reducing time and errors
  • Saves the assessor from duplicating efforts and manual uploading of Evolve results
  • Standardising admin practices, less errors and time saving features

This feature is optional, so if you would like a demonstration on how it works please contact the Learning Assistant support team who can book on online demo with your Digital Solutions Manager.

Alternatively, you can download a PowerPoint presentation of the new features and workflow.

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Homepage social features

The social media tabs on the right hand side of your login page can now be ordered via a request to support. Would you like to show off your Facebook updates first? Or even your Twitter interactions? Simply contact your support representative and we’ll do the rest.
Administrators, if you would like your site to contain your social media accounts then please let us know.

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Sampling Plan Tasks

A common request has now been fulfilled. Sampling Plan Tasks on the Verifier Tasks tab now displays the unit status, no more hunting down details.

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Learning Assistant App

Designed to support assessors from anywhere, the Learning Assistant App allows users to capture evidence and observations at any time, without the need for internet access. The App allows users to conduct many of the day-to-day tasks you can do in the online system, storing work on the device and allowing users to upload to Learning Assistant the next time an internet connection is available. 

The Learning Assistant App is available for iPad, iPhone and Android handset and tablet and is designed to be used in conjunction with the Learning Assistant platform.

Download on the app store. For iPad and iPhone 

The Learning Assistant App for iPad and iPhone provides users with a smart and intuitive interface to manage training, allowing assessors to monitor learner progress, create digital evidence and observations, cross reference across the course and communicate with others via the messaging service.

Get it on Google play. For Android handset 

The Learning Assistant App for Android handsets can support users in capturing picture evidence. Users can also access the contact diary and communicate with others via the messaging service. 

Get it on Google play. For Android tablet

The new Learning Assistant App for Android tablets supports users in capturing and storing picture evidence on the device remotely.

For support downloading the Learning Assistant App from the App Store and Google Play Store please contact the App Store and Google Play Store's help service.

Spring Release Cloud 2016 - Now live

Three times a year, we showcase all of our products and services that are new and coming soon, in what we call ‘Release Clouds’.  

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