Functional Skills, ERR and PLTS

SmartScreen Apprenticeship Extra contains a range of resources to help you deliver the ERR (Employee Rights and Responsibilities), PLTS (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills) and Functional Skills aspects of your apprenticeships.

Each apprenticeship subscription includes:

  1. ERR – If the Sector Skills Council has produced a booklet to cover this, it is referenced in the Apprenticeship Delivery Guide for each area.
  2. PLTS – Schemes of work including mapping grids that demonstrate opportunities for delivering these skills as you teach the apprenticeship
  3. Functional Skills – to ease the transition for those that are still currently teaching Key Skills, a range of Functional Skills materials have been included in the package.

Functional Skills Plus covers all our free Functional Skills materials as well as extra Tutor Guidance to help those who are switching from Key Skills. Functional Skills Plus also includes extra materials across the four keys elements of the resources:

  • A. Information – source material and ‘problem’
  • B. Problem Solving
  • C. Worksheet
  • D. Skills Check – reflection and evaluation

Contextualised Functional Skills Materials: Further practice materials created to reflect learners' actual working environment.  

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Functional Skills

Everyone needs everyday skills like basic maths, information and communications technology (ICT) and English. Our Functional Skills qualifications ensure learners in England have the essential skills required for any workplace.

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