Initial assessment and diagnostic

Our initial and diagnostic assessment allows easy, accurate and tailored assessment of learners' maths and English. A full centre solution, our initial and diagnostic assessment can be used to assess the skills levels of any learner or staff member across all qualifications and levels.

Best practice initial and diagnostic assessment

We drew on our expertise in assessment, principles of best practice and research into customer needs to ensure we developed an effective initial and diagnostic assessment tool to measure prior attainment and support further learning.

Find out more about the rationale, design and development of our initial and diagnostic assessment tool by reading our white paper. 

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Features and benefits

Cross-centre solution

With one assessment for all learners, you can assess maths and English skills across your entire organisation. The intuitive and non-intimidating interface makes it learner-friendly and suitable for use by mixed experience tutors, management and support staff.

Accurate and tailored testing

Designed by e-assessment experts and based on best-practice assessment principles, the system uses an advanced test engine with adaptive testing functionality to enable effective and accurate screening of a learner’s existing skills and indication of ability.

Automated marking and reporting

Automatically marked and reported tests make testing and reporting easy. Detailed and constructive feedback is provided at the end of the assessments to help learners understand areas of strength and weakness.

Teaching support and further learning guidance

Guidance for further learning and access to City & Guilds multi-media teaching and learning resources supports learners in building learner confidence and filling identified skills gaps. Ready-made classroom packs and access to a wealth of resources help guide and support teaching, minimise staff workload, reduce lesson planning time and help build confidence of non-specialist staff.

Customer support

Centres can benefit from access to best-in-class customer support pre and post purchase from our digital sales, customer support and technical teams and best practice guidance and support from our specialist Portfolio Advisors.

Book a demo

Contact us to arrange a demo of our Maths and English e-Toolkit, including a full preview of our initial and diagnostic assessment tool.

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Book a demo

Contact us to arrange a demo of our Maths and English e-Toolkit, including a preview of our Initial Assessment and Diagnostic and samples of our teaching and learning resources.

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Teaching and learning resources

Bring maths and English learning to life with our extensive range of teaching and learning resources, including delivery plans, interactive activities, revision cards, audio files, e-learning bites, tutor guides and videos.

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