Walled Garden Support Documentation

To help with your centre administration via the Walled Garden, below is a consolidated list of support materials that have been published by City & Guilds, in addition to the help section found on www.WalledGarden.com

Simply click on the document title to access the link. This will lead you to a web page, media file or PDF document.

If you require any other assistance please contact your local branch (for International branch administered centres) or the Online Services team for further advice and support.

General Walled Garden Navigation

Shopping Basket

Cohort and candidate management

Data Services


User management

  • SmartScreen Administrator

International specific

Online tutorials (Media file – contains sound)

  • Walled Garden tutorial - covers the following:
    Registering a candidate(s)
    Placing an entry for an exam (on demand or dated entry)
    Placing an entry for an exam (on demand or dated entry)
    Entering results
    Purchasing publications and merchandise
    Upload EDI files
    Navigating the catalogue
    Order reports
    Candidate reports
    Result reports
    Qualification reports
    Finance reports
    Managing candidates and cohorts
  • e-volve tutorials - visit our dedicated pages
  • Searching catalogue by qualification group 

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Walled Garden Support Documentation