It’s National Careers Week this week and today we’re focusing on enterprise skills. So how do we give young people the skills they need to succeed in business?

Below are some articles and reports that consider this issue.

Teach children how to make a profit

Prime Minister David Cameron announced a week ago that schools should teach young people enterprise skills to generate a new generation of entrepreneurs.

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The start-up generation

Since the recession and the advent of the internet record numbers of young people have begun to create their own opportunities by starting their own businesses. In 2013 the Princes Trust and the Royal Bank of Scotland released a report which considered how we can better support potential young entrepreneurs .

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How did other entrepreneurs do it?

For inspiration and advice on starting your own business, who better to turn to then those who have already succeeded? The Start-ups website gives case studies of people who have done just that.

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Harrow learners get political

The first ever TechBac Team Challenge will see learners to get together to pitch their own political party to national news agency Thomson Reuters.

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Careers Week - Future Jobs

Learn more about the jobs that learners are preparing for today for the workplace of tomorrow.

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Careers Week - Soft Skills

What are soft skills? And what are they so important?

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Careers Week - Work Experience

Learn more about that important first step into the world of work.

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