Soft Skills

Today we’re focussing on the softer skills that employers up and down the country say they’re crying out for.  So what are soft skills? And what are they so important?

Why are soft skills so important? This article from the Telegraph explains:

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McDonalds soft skills campaign

During January McDonalds launched their soft skills campaign aimed at increasing the skills people don’t learn at school, college or university that help them get along in the working world.

Our CEO Chris Jones said – “In a world where job roles are changing rapidly, soft skills will be one of the few constants. That’s why this campaign from McDonald’s is so significant. If people are developing those crucial skills like communication and teamwork early on, they’ll have a much better chance of not only getting into work but progressing throughout their careers.”

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Got what it takes to work at Google?

Having a top degree won’t guarantee you a job at Google. This interview with their Head of Creativity and Innovation Frederik Pferdt explains that they also look for people who can demonstrate softer skills such as creativity and being able to work well with others.

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Developing soft skills through the TechBac

The TechBac Skills Zone helps learners to develop the essential workplace skills employers tell us are lacking in young recruits. Content, community learning and online badging come together to ensure learners are ready for the world of work.

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The need for attitude alongside experience

In a City & Guilds survey with employers, we found that 59% of employers believe young people don't have the right attitude for the workplace.

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