Locally based Business Managers and Quality Executives in Scotland

Your dedicated Quality Team are your contact for all your quality assurance needs. They will agree your activity plan for the year and manage the process for approving qualifications and prospective centres. They ensure that every approved centre achieves and maintains a high level of quality assurance during and after approval, and they are in close contact with the External Quality Assurer (City & Guilds Consultant – EQA) team.

Our experienced team, which includes our Business Manager, Business Development Manager and Quality Executives are on hand to help you grow and nurture your business.  

They do this by providing personal advice and support to make the most of the City & Guilds portfolio of products and services. From helping you plan your curriculum and training programmes to ensuring you stay up-to-date with all the latest sector developments. They will become an invaluable partner in helping you deliver on your objectives.

Their local knowledge and connections will mean they can help you work more efficiently, increase learner success and maximise funding.