Key Programmes

We are committed to supporting centres in Wales in delivering the gold standard in vocational training and skills and work hard to develop a comprehensive range of qualifications and learning programmes, specifically for providers in Wales, focusing on areas that have seen significant changes since the start of devolution.

Essential Skills Wales (ESW)

City & Guilds offers Essential Skills Wales qualifications at six levels: Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. We also offer Essential Skills for Work and Life (ESfWL) qualifications to support progression within and between the Essential Skills Wales levels.

Essential Skills Wales qualifications are a key component of most types of post-16 learning in Wales, including the Welsh Baccalaureate and Apprenticeships.

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> Essential Skills for Work and Life (ESfWL) (3846)
> Essential Skills Wales (3768)

As part of the Welsh Government’s Reform of Qualifications, the Essential Skills qualifications in Wales will be changing from September 2015. Find out more about the changes and how we will be supporting you through the transition. Find out more>

For the latest funding and policy guidance for numeracy and literacy qualifications in Wales please view our funding guidance.

Welsh Apprenticeships

We are committed to supporting the government in their drive towards building a better Welsh workforce to fuel the future skills base of the nation. City & Guilds offer a comprehensive range of tailored Apprenticeship programmes in more than 20 industry sectors.

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Health and Social Care

Working in partnership with the Sector Skills Council and the Care Council Wales (CCW), we have developed a tailored suite of career-focused health and social care qualifications designed specifically for those currently working or wishing to work in the health and social care sector in Wales. 

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Working closely with industry experts, we have developed a full suite of childcare qualifications covering Levels 1 to 5 for those working with children, young people and their families.

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Teaching and Learning

We offer a wide range of teaching, learning and assessment qualifications designed to meet individual staff training and development needs and to help improve standards within your centre.

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