Speaker programme

09:30 Delegate arrival and welcome refreshments

10:00 Welcome
Kirstie Donnelly MBE, Managing Director UK, City & Guilds

10:15 Opening address (by video)
Ken Skates, Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology, Welsh Government

10:20 Presentation
'Times are changing - an update on the challenges facing vocational education in Wales'
Kim Ebrahim, Head of Vocational Qualifications Regulation and Development, Department of Education and Skills, Welsh Government

The presentation will provide an overview of the significant ongoing Qualifications Reform in Wales and identify what is changing.  In the past England, Wales and Northern Ireland  (EWNI) shared a very similar qualifications system.  More recently however, because of diverging education policy, the qualifications systems in EWNI have become more distinct and this will have implications for vocational qualifications. The presentation will explain the current developments and the approach to be followed in Wales for the quality assurance of vocational qualifications to ensure that they are fit for purpose, relevant and valued.

10:45 Presentation
'Professionalising the Social Care Workforce in Wales: Assuring Public Safety'
Jacky Drysdale, Workforce Development Manager, Care Council for Wales

In Wales we stand on the edge of an exciting era in social care and childcare services. The need to develop a professional workforce to meet the increased service expectations has an impact on the need to regulate the training of the workforce.  Care Council for Wales are leading the sector on a journey from the development and publication of best practice in learning and assessment for the sector, to the probable setting and monitoring of standards for the delivery of qualifications to registered workers. This work will be taken forward with DfES, awarding organisations, learners, people who use services, learning providers and employers to provide greater assurance of the safety to the people who use services and the wider public.

11:25 Morning break

11:40  Panel Q&A

Interactive debate and roundtable discussions with a panel of industry experts:

  • Kirstie Donnelly MBE, Managing Director UK, City & Guilds (panel chair)
  • Kim Ebrahim, Head of Vocational Qualifications Regulation and Development, Department of Education and Skills, Welsh Government
  • Jacky Drysdale, Workforce Development Manager, Care Council for Wales
  • Patrick Leonard, Director of Commercial Curriculum, Coleg Cambria
  • Colin Tucker, Managing Director, Educ8
  • Joan Price, Matron / Manager of Panteg Nursing Home, the Summerhill Group

12:30 Lunch break

13:30 Session 1

Workshop 1
'The future of the Early Years and Childcare Workforce in Wales: Evidence and options for change'
David Dallimore, Specialist Consultant, Melyn Consulting

International research provides compelling evidence of the positive impact for children made by appropriately qualified, higher-level practitioners in Early Childhood Education and Care. Studies have consistently found that settings that have staff with higher level qualifications are those where children made most progress. This is recognised by Welsh Government in its Early Years and Childcare Plan, Building a Brighter Future, which identifies the need to examine minimum qualification levels, graduate leadership, continuous professional development and career pathways. This presentation will look at the evidence and examine the likely options for change.

Workshop 2
'Shaping the future of training in care'
Karina Hicks, Sales and Marketing Manager, Educ8 / Sarah Elston, Quality Manager, VSP

The presentation will be interactive and will seek opinions/feedback from attendees. It will include:

  • Overview of the sector and qualification delivery - what has worked well/not so well
  • Future priorities
    • How do we ensure that qualifications continue to meet the evolving needs of the health and social care workforce and their clients?
    • How can technology be used more effectively to support learners to achieve?
    • Funding - how will the sector be affected by potential reductions in funding for learners over the age of 25?
  • Questions and answers

Workshop 3
'Building Productive Partnerships with Employers'
Catherine Rowell, Work-based Learning Manager / Patrick Leonard, Director of Commercial Curriculum, Coleg Cambria

Past and more recent serious case reviews have highlighted the importance of quality of care and have emphasised that ensuring that the workforce is properly trained for the job that it undertakes is paramount in eliminating poor practice. Positive and productive partnerships between learning providers and employers result in benefits to the sector by contributing to a skilled and well qualified workforce.

Coleg Cambria understands the important role it has in ensuring workforce training is of a high standard and appropriate to the various settings in which it works. The college has undertaken a number of innovative initiatives with employers including: bespoke training packages to meet different requirements; standardisation between sub-contractors and themed employer focus groups as well as running the first World Skills Care competitions in Wales.

14:10 Session 2

Workshop 4
'Quality Assurance – Practice and Price'
Karen Pontin, Specialist Consultant, City & Guilds

The workshop will provide insight into quality assurance in vocational learning. Delegates will consider what the IQA process in a centre should include, the cost related to having a comprehensive system and the risks inherent in poor or limited IQA practice. The workshop consists of a mix of delivery and group activities and will provide an opportunity both to explore issues with colleagues and discuss points with the facilitator.

Workshop 5
'Using training and development to create a sustainable early years workforce'
Janet Preece, Early Years Care Team, Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council

Rhondda Cynon Taf Early Years Training Centre gained City & Guilds centre and qualification approval in November 2007. This approval meant the centre could offer a range of in-house work based qualifications. Following a workforce survey we identified the need for flexible, high quality training provision that allowed staff to complete their qualifications without impacting on their childcare settings. The aim of this workshop is to share with you our recipe for success.

Workshop 6
'The practice of creativity in Person Centred Care'
Katja Stiller, Nick Clements and Rhys Hughes, Valley and Vale Community Arts

The presentation introduces Person Centred Creativity as a way to enhance outcome focused care delivery. The workshop will explain how creativity can enrich care plans and specifically address the wellbeing needs of staff and service users. The workshop promotes the idea that creative interventions need to be intentional and that outcomes can be measured in improved self-confidence ,self-esteem and self-awareness in both staff and service users . This will be of particular interest to those delivering the Level 5 Leadership and Management in Care Qualifications.

14:50 Session 3

Workshop 7
'An overview of the resources and support on offer to assessors from Public Health Dieticians in Wales for their knowledge development and assessing competence'
Lisa Williams, All Wales Nutrition Training Facilitator, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Good nutritional care in care settings is fundamental to good health and the provision of food and fluid are at the centre of this for people of all ages. Healthy eating and physical activity are essential for optimum growth and development in childhood and for the prevention of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases (CVD), and some cancers.  For those working with vulnerable and frail adults, it is important to be vigilant for the signs that a person has issues with food or difficulty eating in order to prevent malnutrition. The guidance for assessors aims to provide evidence based nutrition information to support learners to achieve the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for the nutrition units within the Health and Social Care and Children’s Care Learning and Development Diplomas and enable them to promote nutrition and hydration for those they care for.

Workshop 8
'Introduction to the use of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) within social care and childcare qualifications'
Paul Robottom, Portfolio Advisor, City & Guilds

An introductory workshop based around the City & Guilds RPL Assessment Policy and Guidance (October 2012) aims to provide ideas for developing your RPL procedures, assessment practices and related opportunities for and with your learners.

The workshop will help you to:

  • Understand what RPL is and how it can be used in the assessment journey for a learner.
  • Identify barriers to delivering good RPL provision and how to improve centre practice.
  • Review IQA assessment practices and processes for RPL.
  • Consider developing a centre action plan for RPL for learners based around the City & Guilds national RPL policy guidance (September 2013)

Workshop 9
'Walking the walk – values-based recruitment for the care sector'
Sandra Walsh, Learning and Development Manager / Sam Teague, Recruitment Coordinator, Linc Cymru

This interactive and fun workshop is designed to demonstrate Linc’s proactive approach in assessing job candidates’ values and suitability prior to employment for roles such as nurses, healthcare assistants, support workers and other healthcare professionals.

Recruitment can be a time-consuming, resource-heavy and costly process.  This workshop will demonstrate that Linc’s method of assessing candidates has improved retention rates, reduced recruitment and HR costs and more crucially, supports Linc’s commitment to delivering high quality person-centred care that underpins the wellbeing, dignity and choice of its residents.

Linc is committed to recruiting and retaining the very best people throughout the organisation.  Linc Care operates a recruitment process that is fairly unique within the care sector.

15:30 Closing address
Kirstie Donnelly MBE, Managing Director UK, City & Guilds

16:00 Event close






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