City & Guilds Association

The City & Guilds Association (CGA) is a community of individuals who support City & Guilds’ aims of enabling people and organisations to develop the skills they need for personal and economic growth.

What is the CGA?
The CGA is a community in which Members of the CGA advance the interests of vocational education and are actively engaged with the work of The City & Guilds of London Institute, whose own aim is to enable people and organisations to develop the skills they need for personal and economic growth.

What are our objectives?
The objectives of the CGA are:

  • to support the pursuit of excellence in vocational education through Members' active engagement with the Institute's work
  • to facilitate a dialogue between the Institute's Members, its award-winning learners and staff
  • to act as a source of knowledge and experience to the Institute
  • to dispense annual bursaries to the Institute's learners and to support learners in their pursuit of excellence
  • to keep its Membership up-to-date with the work of the Institute and developments within the vocational education sector
  • to maintain a full and active Membership supportive of the development of vocational skills.

Eligible categories
Membership of the City & Guilds Association (CGA) is open to the following categories:

  • Members of City & Guilds Council
  • Fellows/Honorary Fellows of City & Guilds
  • Honorary Members of City & Guilds
  • Livery Company Representatives
  • Corporate Ordinary Member Representatives
  • City & Guilds Senior Award holders (e.g. LCGI, GCGI, MCGI)
  • Members of City & Guilds Senior Committees and National Advisory Committees
  • City & Guilds External Verifiers
  • City & Guilds Pensioners
  • City & Guilds Medals for Excellence winners
  • Members of City & Guilds' Senior Management Group.

There are two types of Member: Founder Members who joined the CGA prior to 30 September 2007 and Members who have joined the CGA since 1 October 2007.

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Contact us
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