What we think

We are at a critical moment for vocational learning. Against a period of prolonged global economic uncertainty, the traditional routes to learning, employment and career progression need to be challenged.

Using our industry links and network of education specialists, City & Guilds regularly contributes to and leads the debate around matters relating to skills development or the awarding business. City & Guilds has not only anticipated but shaped the course of work-based learning. We engage directly with policy makers and regulators to represent the best interests of our learners, employers and providers. For this reason, we keep abreast of changes in skills policy and assess the potential for impact on our customers.

We believe in leading the way and work hard to keep vocational skills on the political and media agenda.

On our News & Insight pages you can find our summary points of view on a range of current topics. Below, you can find a series of papers giving our more detailed opinion on current policy issues and our responses to recent public consultations: