Appeals for 2021

This page was last updated 11 October 2021

The appeals process developed for TAGs allows candidates to appeal their grade.  Where a candidate believes they have not received the right grade, they may ask their centre to check whether an administrative or procedural error has been made. If the centre identifies an error, it should submit the revised grade to City & Guilds.

The timescale for the appeals process is 20 working days from receipt of the appeal, and an additional five days to process and any changes to results. This timescale applies for all appeals.

The application form for centres is below.

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Advice for learners

If you think that your grade is wrong, please discuss it with your centre. They will tell you what the process is for appealing. For results based on Teacher Assessed Grades, learners cannot appeal directly to City & Guilds.

For the Extended Project and Core maths, you may find it useful to refer to The JCQ student guide.

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Correcting errors

If you identify an error in results after they are published to Walled Garden, you can use these forms to let us know. For example, if two learners with similar names have been mixed up or there’s been an administrative error. These forms should also be used to let us know of any grade change following an internal review.

Functional Skills, ESOL Skills for Life and Essential Skills

Please use this form below:

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Technicals, Extended Project, Core maths, and Category B1 VRQs

Please use this form below:

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Essential Skills

This document sets out the process for appealing against results issued in summer 2021 using Centre Determined Grades (CDGs) for Essential Skills Wales (3868) and Essential Skills – Northern Ireland (4800).

Appeals for Essential Skills

Functional Skills and ESOL

For Functional Skills and EOSL Skills for life, TAGs are only available as a last resort, where it is not possible to complete the assessment for that individual candidate. The centre must establish that the candidate is eligible for a TAG. If City & Guilds rejects the centre application at the eligibility stage, the centre can appeal this decision.

Candidates can also appeal their grade.

Appeals for Functional Skills and ESOL

Technicals and Vocational qualifications

The appeals process for these qualifications is based on the JCQ appeals process this year. 

Appeals for Technical and Vocational Qualifications

Extended Project and Core maths

For these qualifications, please refer to the JCQ appeals document.


Some adaptations used in September 2020 – August 2021 and/or Summer 2020 are not available for September 2021 – August 2022. For example, for e-volve tests where alternative evidence was permitted in the sector adaptation guide, it is no longer possible to use the “submit alternative results” option on the Walled Garden.

Any centre who needs to make a late submission and is unable to do so on the Walled Garden, should complete the form below:

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In all other cases centres should refer to our standard appeals process, that can be found in the Appeals section on this dedicated page.