Updated 20 April

Vocational qualifications –
Assessment arrangements 2021

We are continuing to work closely with the Government and regulators to overcome the ongoing challenges posed by Covid-19 to ensure that we can issue valid results for our Vocational Qualifications.

Updated 19 April. Vocational Qualifications – Teacher Assessed Grades Centre Guidance

Please find our centre guidance, timeline and category lists for Vocational Qualifications on the determination and submission of Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG) for summer 2021.

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View the qualification category list on this page.

Further information and webinars will be published shortly to support you with the process, with regular updates to this page.

Approach for Vocational Qualifications

Following Government guidelines issued on Thursday 25 February 2021, and the subsequent publication of the new Vocational and technical qualifications contingency regulatory framework on 24 March, we are able to offer further guidance for Vocational Qualifications below. 

As we work through the new arrangements and process we are committed to supporting you, our customers, with guidance and support for you and your learners.

The approach for Vocational Qualifications – assess as normal or via adaptations

The expectation from the Department for Education and Ofqual is that delivery of learning and training should continue during this time and, on-demand assessments can and should continue to take place safely.

It is only in exceptional cases, where all other options to complete assessments are not possible (including using permitted adaptations or delaying assessments),should  alternative arrangements such as Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG) be considered. Therefore, our guidance, following Government direction, will have an emphasis on undertaking assessments in the usual way, or using adaptations.

Support webinars

We will be hosting a support webinar that will take place next Tuesday 27 April, to take you through the guidance and answer any questions that you may have. Please find the registration link below.

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Centre guidance

We have developed specific information for all Heads of Centre, Heads of Department and tutors on the determination and submission of Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG) for summer 2021.

It’s important to distinguish the approach this year (Teacher Assessed Grades) will be different to the process adopted in 2020 (Centre Assessed Grades).

TAG – Vocational Qualifications Centre Guidance


Qualification category lists

You can find detailed information on qualification categories on our Assessment arrangements for 2021 page.

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Centres Policy and Approach

Centres who are submitting TAGs will need to provide further detail around their process for determination of TAGs and the internal quality assurance (IQA) procedures. This is for B1 qualifications only.

For centres submitting TAGs in the first submission window (01 June – 18 June) the form must be completed by Friday 21 May.

This will be an online form to complete at centre level, called the ‘Centre Policy and Approach’ (CPA) form, which covers the centres approach for all VRQ qualifications within category B1. 

A link to the form will be published here w/c 03 May.

More information on this form can be found in section 5.1 of the Category B1 Vocational Qualifications (VRQs) centre guidance.


Exam series arrangements

Please find information below regarding exam series arrangement for June and July below.

The following dated entry exams will take place as normal following our published timetables. Candidate entries should be booked through the Walled Garden as per normal.


2396-402 Level 4 Design, Construction Management and Initial Verification of Electrical Installations

3415-399 Level 3 Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers (Road Haulage) (Written Case Study Exam)

5519-220, 330 and 5528-265 L2 and L3 Medical Terminology

7863-03 Diploma in Dog Grooming (7863-032 Synoptic exam (written paper))

7457-33 Level 3 Diploma in Small Animal Veterinary Nursing (400/600, 401/601, 402/602)

7457-43 Level 3 Diploma in Equine Veterinary Nursing (405/605, 406/606, 407/607)

Veterinary Nursing (7457) customers must ensure that only arrangements approved by City & Guilds are used for assessments. The option to take on-demand exams in the workplace is not permitted for Veterinary

Nursing and must not be used and Remote Invigilation is not permitted for dated entry examinations.


0344-04 Higher Diploma in Floristry (ICSF) (344-411 Practical exam)

0344-04 Higher Diploma in Floristry (ICSF) (0344-412 Written exam)

0344-05 Master Diploma in Professional Floristry (NDSF) (0344-511 Practical exam)

0344-05 Master Diploma in Professional Floristry (NDSF) (0344-512 Written exam)

It is important that examinations should only take place where:

  • they can be delivered safely by centres and in line with public health information and guidance
  • candidates feel that they have had sufficient teaching and learning and feel well prepared to take the exam
  • candidates feel comfortable and safe taking the examination and are not putting themselves or others at risk.

If it is not possible for examinations to take place or candidates are not able to do so, future dates are available.

Please also note that this only relates to dated (fixed date) examinations, not on demand examinations such as ESOL and Functional Skills which can be scheduled to be taken on any date. 

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