Updated 24 March

E-volve –

Delivering on screen tests at an employer site

The following is guidance for the running of City & Guilds E-volve on screen tests during the current period of restricted access.

These instructions are to allow employers and learners to access and run on screen tests where external access by providers has been restricted and need to be read in conjunction with the guidance for installing the software.

  • E-volve on screen tests can be administered and invigilated by employers but will require some remote assistance by the provider for administration duties.

Installation of on-line software and preparation for tests

Before commencing any tests, you, as an employer will need to download the software.

We recommend you read the Installation guide first and to check that your machines meet the minimum technical requirements contained in the guide under System Requirements.

A snapshot of these are provided below.

  • 1GB Hard drive space - 2GB Memory (RAM)
  • Screen resolution 1024x768
  • OS Windows 7 8 8.1 and 10 (Mac/Tablet/Chromebooks are not compatible)
  • Internet Explorer 9-11 with ActiveX Flash enabled
  • The testing software: Download the SecureClient directly.

There are a host of user guides and FAQ documents available on the website and we have provided a short guide for you below to get you started as well, as to what the learner can expect during the exam.

  • To open the Secure Client, click on the City & Guilds e-volve icon created during installation
  • When the candidate is ready, instruct them to enter their Keycode (to be supplied by the provider).
  • The candidate will then confirm their details, if incorrect, they need to alert the Invigilator.
  • The candidate will then be asked to enter the PIN (to be supplied by the provider).
  • The candidate will then Press Start to launch the exam.
  • When the candidate is done, they select Finish and confirm they wish to submit the exam.
  • The software will then close and relaunch automatically back to the keycode screen.

Responsibilities of the employer

The following requirements will need to be met by employers:

  • invigilators should be briefed on requirements
  • for Functional Skills Invigilation please refer to the Instructions for Conducting Examinations.
  • for EPA invigilation please ensure that City & Guilds requirements are met for downloading software and test/examination materials. See the attached instructions that must be provided to the employer well in advance of the booked test sessions or use this direct link SecureClient Installation Guide.
  • ensure that all technical requirements have been met. Some technical requirements will need to be met in advance of the test/examination.

Further guidance on requirements for downloading the necessary software on to computers that the learner will take the test on, together and the process for administering tests, can be found on our dedicated page.

Running the test session

  • The provider must still ensure that the appropriate test session for the candidate has been booked in the standard way
  • The provider should ensure that the employer and learner know the date and time of their test and have confirmed that they will be available at this time.
  • Arrange to call the employer contact who will act as the invigilator. We advise that you do this in advance of the scheduled test. This call can be via phone or video conference facility as preferred by provider and client. The provider should remind the employer invigilator and learner of their security and prevention of malpractice obligations during the period of the test
  • The provider should then talk the employer invigilator through launch of test software and access of test, providing the necessary keycodes and pins as needed.
  • The provider may wish to stay in contact for the duration of the test or arrange to connect again near the end of the test duration.At the end of the test the provider should talk the employer provider through finish, closure and exit from test session, ensuring test data has been returned at that point.

We will continue to review how we can help our centres/providers to deliver our examinations in the difficult circumstance that we all find ourselves in and will update on this guidance and options when required.