Updated 22 May

General FAQs –

This page covers a range of areas and questions and will be added to regularly.

UPDATED 01/05 – Are City & Guilds and ILM reviewing their fees policy in summer 2020?

City & Guilds and ILM will be keeping their fees policy under review over the coming months. Please find our statement on this below.

Read the statement

UPDATED 23/04 – ETF guidance – assessment approach for Assessor courses

Reasonable adjustments to the assessment approach – Covid-19

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has issued guidance regarding adjustments to the assessment approach, agreed with Awarding Bodies, for learners on Assessor courses disrupted by the current Covid-19 restrictions.

Please follow the link to the 6317 web-page to see the full guidance document.   Before acting on this guidance from EFT, please consult with your EQA in the first instance to agree next steps.

Please note that these reasonable adjustments are temporary measures and centres are expected to return to regular guidance and rules once the wider situation returns to normal.

UPDATED 20/04 – Tests and Paper Returns

The following guidance is for cancellations of On-demand paper-based / Dated Entry Examinations.

Please see separate FAQ for Functional Skills Papers on the dedicated page.

From 15 April 2020, paper-based examinations can no longer be booked or sat, until further notice. All paper-based tests that have been booked will be cancelled. This also applies to centres who may have already received question papers.

  • We will cancel the bookings and provide a credit to your centre.
  • Centres should securely destroy the question papers at the earliest opportunity and email openbookings@cityandguilds.com to confirm this has been done.
  • If paper-based examinations have already been taken, please return these as usual to the address indicated on the Invigilation Certificate and return labels.
  • If paper-based examination have already been taken and it is not possible to return the completed examination scripts to City & Guilds, the completed scripts must be stored securely and City & Guilds must be notified by emailing openbookings@cityandguilds.com.

UPDATED 22 May – E-certs – City & Guilds

e-Certifications update – 22 May 2020

e-Certifications (e-Certs) for ILM qualifications and programmes are now live and downloadable from myCertis on Walled Garden. 

This applies for any certificates issued from 1 March 2020 including Assured, Endorsed and Development (E&D) programmes.

Centres can request access via our Customer Services Team at centresupport@cityandguilds.com. Users will need to have an account with Primary or Secondary status.

E-certs – ILM

Unfortunately, ILM centres do not have access to our e-Certificate functionality for ILM products including EPA.

UPDATED 02/04 – Options to take Evolve tests at home

We appreciate your patience as we investigate options to enable candidates to undertake Evolve tests at home. We are working hard to explore a range of options to support the delivery of a number of our assessments remotely, including Functional Skills and EPA. We expect to be able to share progress with you in the coming days.