Functional Skills and Core Maths

Updated 14 July

Functional Skills (3748 legacy) & (4748 reformed) –

Updated 14 July – Delivery of FS assessments/exams

Functional Skills tests on e-volve

Now that we have closed the window for submitting centre assessment grades for Functional Skills, we will be resuming live test activity from Monday 13 July.

Test bookings can be made from 9.30 onwards for e-volve tests only at this point.

Functional Skills paper-based exams will be available to take from 1 August.

Bookings for paper-based Level 1 & 2 Functional Skills exams will open 18 July for sitting from 1 August onward.

For 4748, remote assessment for speaking, listening and  communicating can continue provided that all criteria are met.

There is now no need to continue using the interim exceptions process for booking live tests.

Essential works on the e-volve platform

Please note that some essential works will take place on our e-volve platform between 14.00 on Thursday 16 July and 6.00 on Friday 17 July, so no tests will be available during this period. 
Tests that have been download in advance of this time can still be taken.

Certification modules for Functional Skills English (3748)

Just a reminder that you will need to submit certification modules for the appropriate full certificates to be issued. You should submit these modules via the Walled Garden or results override in the normal way.

For qualifications that are going through the centre assessment grade process, please submit these certification modules as soon as possible, and no later than 31 July, to ensure that full certificates can be issued by the published results dates.

Legacy Functional Skills

We'd like to remind you that the last date that certificates for the legacy Functional Skills English and Functional Skills Mathematics (3748) qualifications can be issued is Thursday, 31 December 2020.

We recently shared details of arrangements for last tests and quality assurance activity. Please visit the 3748 qualification page for more information.

We are incredibly grateful for your support and patience as we have worked through this process to develop guidance which we hope will ensure:

  • the maximum number of candidates possible receive the results that they would have most likely have achieved had they been able to take their assessments in summer 2020
  • candidates are protected, as far as is possible, from being systematically advantaged or disadvantaged by the current situation
  • candidates are treated as fairly as possible and are able to complete and progress onto the next stage of their career or education.

The guidance for Heads of Centre, Heads of Department and tutors on the determination of centre assessment grades, in relation to Covid-19 disruption has been updated to add some clarity, and is available.

Download the guidance

We have pulled together the answers to some frequently asked questions for Functional Skills Qualifications - Legacy (3748) and Reformed (4748) Covid-19 Calculated results.

Download the FAQs

Submitting centre assessment grades

To support you in the process of calculating and submitting candidate grades review the guides and documents 

Submit Centre Assessment Grades / Declaration

You can find a six-step guide and recorded presentation to support you through the process and together with a document outlining Pass Descriptors for Reformed (4748) / Legacy (3748) Functional Skills Assessments and another document outlining Pass Descriptors for Functional Skills ICT – 3748-03.

Please also find a letter to learners that you can pass to your learners, from our Managing Director David Phillips. The letter gives an overview of calculated grades, results and next steps.

We understand that you will have questions and queries, and our Customer Service team are on hand and happy to support you.

We also have recordings of our recent Covid-19 mitigation webinars where we explore some of the questions we have been receiving:

Our Business Managers, Direct Sales and customer supporting teams also remain available to support you and answer questions during this transition time.

Please continue to visit this City & Guilds Covid-19 area of the website for regular updates.

Essential Skills (updated 12 May)

For information on Essential Skills including updates and guidance on assessment approaches please visit our dedicated page which covers Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Using and Applying Mathematics (3849)

Further to the recent announcement that learners due to complete their Core maths qualifications this summer will receive a calculated result, City & Guilds has now produced detailed guidance on the process for calculating centre assessment grades.

Access the guidance