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Functional Skills (3748 legacy) & (4748 reformed) –

This page was last updated 01 July 2021

System guidance, information and generic forms

Visit our central hub for all system guides, information, and generic forms for the TAG and CDG process for 2021, including how to submit your results and evidence.

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Updated 10 June – TAG Eligibility Rationale Forms

Please complete this form once you have submitted your Eligibility Bookings via Walled Garden.

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Updated 15 June – Teacher Assessed Grades – guidance version 3.1

This guidance covers the assessment arrangements for all Entry 1 – Level 2 Functional Skills, for maths, English and ICT. It provides an overview of the process, and gives guidance and requirements around eligibility criteria, sources of evidence and grading.

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FAQs for TAG

Updated 01 July – Key dates for TAG eligibility submissions and results

Please find key dates for eligibility submissions, submissions of TAG results and results release.

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On Wednesday 24 March 2021, Ofqual published their decisions following the consultation around the arrangements for awarding Vocational, Technical and other General Qualifications for 2020/21 in the new “VTQ Contingency Regulatory Framework” (VCRF).

The full document can be found on the government website.

What does this mean for Functional Skills assessments?

For Functional Skills the framework outlines the following expectations for awarding these qualifications:

  • Awarding Organisations will continue to make assessments available to learners
  • City & Guilds’ on demand assessments for reformed and legacy Functional Skills (4748 & 3748) continue to be available to book and deliver as normal both on e-volve and paper.

    These assessments can be delivered as normal, face to face or remotely (please refer to our adaptations guidance - updated June 2021). 

  • Where a learner is not able to safely access an assessment, either in person in line with public health guidance or, remotely, then the centre can apply for a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG)

We have developed the process for centres to apply to be able to submit a TAG for a learner where delay is not an option and all opportunities for an exam to be taken either in person or remotely have been exhausted. 

Updated 08 April – Webinar

Thank you if you joined our webinar on 8 April. Please find links to a recording of the session and the slides below:

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Updated 08 April – Functional Skills Timeline

For an overview of the alternative arrangements timescales, please refer to the Functional Skills Timeline.

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If you have any questions, please contact our Functional Skills team as

Updated June 2021 – Assessment mitigation guidance update

Please visit our FY20/21 Adaptations webpage to access the new Functional Skills guidance document.

Updated 18 May – Legacy Functional Skills (3748)

As this qualification approaches its final certification date please ensure that you are aware of the time frame and key dates for final assessment opportunities.

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Updated 11 May – Closure of temporary test centres

We launched our Functional Skills test centres in December 2020 to support those learners who were able to travel, but unable to access a live test safety.

As lockdown restrictions are now being lifted and our Remote Invigilation offer has been growing, we are receiving fewer enquiries for this service. As a result, we closed our London test centre on 1 May and have decided to close our additional Birmingham and Bristol test centres with effect 31 May 2021.

We will no longer be accepting bookings for tests in Birmingham or Bristol to be held beyond 31 May, but will honour any bookings already placed.

Offering venues for live tests has been central to our support for learners during the pandemic and we thank the centres and learners who were able to make use of the facilities and National Express who partnered with us to support learners with travel costs.

If you have any queries please email

Updated 11 January 2021 - Important updates for Functional Skills and End-Point Assessment

Updated 11 January – The Department for Education (DfE) and the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) have recently published updated guidance on the delivery of apprenticeships and Functional Skills assessments in light of the new lockdown restrictions.

The guidance covers some key areas such as the extensions to apprenticeships flexibilities until 31 August 2021 from the Institute of Apprenticeships and Technical Education, and Functional Skills requirements (please see pages 15/16 in the link below).

View the latest guidance from DFE and ESFA

On 14 October 2020 it was confirmed that extensions to Legacy Functional Skills would be put in place to 31 July 2021. The temporary suspension of the rule requiring level 2 apprentices to study towards, and attempt, level 2 functional skills exams to 31 March 2021 was also confirmed.

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19 November 2020 - Functional Skills - Exam Support Service (ESS)

The ESFA announced on Friday 13 November that the DfE’s Exam Support Service (ESS) has been extended to include Functional Skills in apprenticeships, where assessments were planned to be delivered in the workplace.

The current government advice on Covid-19 confirms that travel for education, training and assessment is allowable under current restrictions, and the Exam Support Service provides financial support for providers with essential additional costs associated with running exams. In this case apprenticeship training providers will be able to access the service to book sites and invigilators for Functional Skills exams and claim costs for eligible apprentices.

To be eligible, the apprentice must:

  • have been expecting to take their FSQ assessment in the workplace
  • have a planned end date between 1 August – 31 December 2020
  • not be otherwise able to access an FSQ assessment.

Read the full announcement

Read the full guidance on the Exam Support Service

Guidance is due to be updated in November to include Functional Skills and information about eligibility and the claiming process.

If you are considering using an external venue and would like some support from us with this, please let us know by filling out the form.

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Updated 29 September 2020 - Functional Skills testing

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, we understand the challenges that you and your learners may be facing with regard to testing and assessment, particularly as a result of social distancing and local restrictions.

For 2020-21 government intent is that that assessments should continue as usual and, where possible, are delivered in the normal way.

We have been listening closely to your feedback and are keen to support you with a range of assessment options during the ongoing situation that we are all facing with Covid-19.

The following options for Functional Skills testing are currently available:

  • e-volve tests – As we have always offered, we will continue to offer on-demand Functional Skills onscreen tests through our e-volve platform
  • Tests at an employer site –  We have enabled testing at an employer site where this is possible.
  • Remote Invigilation – We are currently working with a small number of customers on a full remote invigilation solution, we hope to be able to roll this out to all Functional Skills customers within the next few months.  We will provide an update on this in the coming weeks.
  • Paper tests – We continue to offer paper tests.
  • Network of testing sites - We are currently exploring the possibility of opening up a number of City & Guilds testing sites around the country to support our customers, please let us know if this solution would be good for you.
  • Remote speaking, listening and communicating (English only) – This component can now be assessed remotely.  Guidance documents for each level can be found here, in the “Speaking, Listening and Communicating Assessment Materials” accordion for the relevant level, under the Assessment Documents menu.

If you wanted to speak to our teams on the options above please contact your City & Guilds contact (account manager or business manager).

For more information on the full remote invigilation service that is currently in development visit our dedicated page.

Essential Skills

For information on Essential Skills including updates and guidance on assessment approaches please visit our dedicated page which covers Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Core maths – guidance

Using and Applying Mathematics will be assessed using Teacher Assessed Grades this year. We have developed specific information for all Heads of Centre, Heads of Department and tutors for summer 2021.

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