Updated 02 April

Functional Skills (3748 legacy) & (4748 reformed) –

Update on special arrangements during the current Covid-19 period

City & Guilds Group response to Covid-19 outbreak

The Covid-19 outbreak is a fast-paced and fluid situation and is affecting countries across the world at a different rate as national Governments put in place contingency plans to contain the outbreak. As an international organisation working with education providers, employers and governments in over 100 countries we are closely monitoring the global situation and putting in place measures to support the wellbeing of our employees and broader customers and stakeholders.

Following the announcement from the Government, we wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the proactive steps that City & Guilds is taking to support both colleagues and customers delivering our Functional Skills qualifications and assessments during these difficult times.

Maths and English March 2020 webinar: Covid-19 Impact

As part of our monthly webinar series, we ran a special webinar specifically about managing Maths and English exams and assessments during the Covid-19 situation.

You can find the recordings and slides from our maths and English monthly update webinar in March, on our resource hub page.

If you would like to watch the webinars within our #CGMathsEnglish webinar series and receive advance notice of future topics, you can register here.

The following guidance has been produced based upon the current guidance issued by government in relation to the Covid-19 announcement. Guidance will change on a daily basis in line with government guidance and will be updated accordingly. 

Please note that these arrangements apply with immediate effect and until further notice.

3748 Legacy Functional Skills – Extension to Certification End Dates

We are currently discussing with Ofqual the certification end date for all Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2 Mathematics and English Functional Skills qualifications. We hope to be able to update on this immediately once a decision is reached, together with revised assessment end dates.

Arrangements which apply to both 3748 legacy Functional Skills and 4748 reformed Functional Skills

Changes to booked examination dates

For reformed Functional Skills (4748) and legacy Functional Skills (3748) paper-based examinations, it will be possible to move the assessment 10 working days either side of the booked date, instead of the current 5 working days. It will not be necessary to inform City & Guilds of any change to assessment dates during this period.

The flexibility for on screen tests will remain as it currently stands. Again, there will be no need to inform City & Guilds of any changes to assessment dates during this period.

Delivery and invigilation of e-volve on screen examinations by employers

  • E-volve on screen examinations can be administered and invigilated by employers
  • The following requirements would need to be met by employers:
    • invigilators should be briefed on the requirements of the Functional Skills (4748) Instructions for Conducting Examinations.
    • ensure that City & Guilds requirements are met for downloading software and test/examination materials.
    • ensure that all technical requirements have been met. Some technical requirements will need to be met in advance of the test/examination.
  • Guidance on requirements for downloading the necessary software on to computers that the learner will take the test on, together and the process for administering tests, can be found on our dedicated page.

Currently we are not able to support the delivery of paper examinations by employers where they are not the approved assessment centre.

We will continue to review how we can help our centres/providers to deliver our examinations in the difficult circumstance that we all find ourselves in and will update on this.

Taking Functional Skills examinations at home

  • Learners are not permitted to take an external examination paper home.
  • Learners cannot complete an examination without a centre approved invigilator present.

Suspension of Quality Assurance activities

In line with UK government advice we have taken the decision to suspend until further notice all quality assurance visits to our centres and providers, including EQA visits and examination audits. External quality assurance activity will be moved to remote where our centres/providers remain open.

Assessment of Speaking, Listening and Communication/Communicating – Remote Delivery

  • We are allowing assessment of Speaking, Listening and Communication/Communicating to be conducted remotely
  • Our EQAs may be required to join these remote activities to observe live assessment and assessment marking take place.

View the guidance for 3748 & 4748

Booked tests and question paper return

  • If paper-based Functional Skills examinations have already been taken and it is not possible to return the completed question papers, these must be stored securely and City & Guilds must be notified by emailing openbookings@cityandguilds.com.
  • If Functional Skills tests have been booked, question papers received, but examinations can no longer be taken, the following procedures must be followed.

Legacy 3748 Functional Skills

  • Notify City & Guilds by emailing openbookings@cityandguilds.com and provide scanned and password-protected Invigilation Certificate/s. Do not sign and do not tick present. Also include a confirmation that you have securely destroyed the question papers.
  • We will cancel the bookings and provide a credit.
  • Centres should securely destroy the question papers.
  • Provide the password in a separate email.

Reformed 4748 Functional Skills

  • Notify City & Guilds by emailing openbookings@cityandguilds.com and provide scanned and password-protected Invigilation Certificate/s. Do not sign and do not tick present.
  • We will cancel the bookings and provide a credit.
  • Provide the password in a separate email.
  • Centres must return all question papers to the following address:

City & Guilds c/o Storetec Services Ltd
Sidings Business Park
Freightliner Road
North Humberside
United Kingdom

Arrangements which specifically apply to 4748 Reformed Functional Skills

Exceptions process for invigilation of examinations by subject tutors

  • We are aware that many employers are not allowing external people to enter their premises to invigilate examinations. In these circumstances our normal exceptions process applies, and an adjustment can be granted by prior arrangement. Any exception on these grounds must be agreed by City & Guilds in advance of the examination date.

To apply for this adjustment please complete the City & Guilds 4748 Invigilation Exemption request.

UPDATED 27/03 - Results release 4748

During this difficult time, and as we work through any additional flexibilities and changes to assessment arrangements, we may see a lull in some Functional Skills testing activity, particularly for a small number of 4748 paper-based exams. This could lead to a delay in releasing some 4748 paper-based exam results. If this should occur, we will contact centres directly to talk through any revised timelines.

UPDATED 02/04 – Options to take Evolve tests at home

We appreciate your patience as we investigate options to enable candidates to undertake Evolve tests at home. We are working hard to explore a range of options to support the delivery of a number of our assessments remotely, including Functional Skills and EPA. We expect to be able to share progress with you in the coming days.

Essential skills (updated 20 March, 17.50)

We continue to work with centres/providers to understand the immediate challenges in delivering Essential Skills qualifications in Wales and Northern Ireland.

We are liaising with Awarding Bodies, regulators and other key stakeholders to confirm any flexibilities we are able to extend to our Essential Skills qualifications both in Wales and Northern Ireland.

We aim to update on the position early next week.