Updated 05 June

International Vocational
Qualifications –

The fluid situation around Covid-19 has meant training providers and colleges around the world have had to close their doors to contain the spread of the virus. We appreciate and understand that this puts significant stress on our centres. We want to assure you that our number one priority is to continue to fulfil our purpose - to help people, organisations and societies to grow through skills development.

We are here to support you during this difficult time and assure you that we are doing all we can to help you resume your operations and delivery of training and assessments to all learners.

Since March we have taken actions regarding the delivery of our qualifications, assessments and support materials to support our centres and learners as best as we can. We have done this in consultation and collaboration with Regulators and Ministries in the UK and across the countries where we operate.

Key initiatives we have taken:

Qualification extensions

We extended the end registration dates from 31.03.2020 to 31.08.2020 for a number of International Vocational Qualifications to enable our customers to process registrations and exam bookings for their learners. Please see a list of extended qualifications.

Download the list of extended qualifications


In July we decide to further extend our suite of hospitality IVQs to end registration in 31.03.2021, given the high number of learners affected by the extensive lock down to this industry across many countries where we operate. To view all the new qualification end dates for the hospitality & catering IVQ suite, click on the link below. 


Download the Hospitality & Catering IVQ qualifications and end dates

Delayed summer exams

We delayed our June/July international exam series to September/October to allow learners around the world to complete their assessments and achieve their qualifications as lock down start to easy around the world and teaching resumes over the coming months. The deadline for bookings these exams have now closed. We wish our all learners the very best of luck for their summer exams.

Download Exam guide

We also produced a dynamic exam schedule where you can review and filter the schedule for the September/October exams or download a PDF version for later.

Download the schedule

Free digital learning resources

We made 1000s of hours of digital learning support materials available free of charge to support remote teaching and learning. We have seen significant uptake in our online resources and digital platforms from our customers around the world and we encourage all our customers to continue to engage with this support to strengthen their programmes and maintain learner engagement.

Maths and English Caribbean

We have been working very closely with Ministries across the Caribbean islands to ensure that over 60,000 learners receive a valid qualification result for their math and English qualifications this year either through a process of calculated results or delayed examinations.

Assessment mitigations Republic of Ireland

We are enabling our customers in the Republic of Ireland, who offer our wide portfolio of OfQual regulated qualifications, to offer the UK assessment mitigations being implemented across the UK as part of the OfQual Extraordinary Framework during summer 2020. These customers will be supported by our customer facing and quality delivery teams to implement these mitigations for all eligible learners.

Our teams in the UK and across the world continue to work hard and have remained available throughout this period to ensure our customers receive all the support, advice and guidance they need during these challenging times.

We would like to thank you for continuing to work with us. You are so vital in helping us achieve our purpose of supporting learners in to their first job, progressing on the job and progressing on to the next job.

We are here to support you through this difficult time, please reach out to your local customer service team if you have any questions or concerns and stay connected.

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Emergency learner support

We are committed to support you through new ways of working. Our Smartscreen resources provide enhanced content to support distance and online learning. Find out more if your portfolio is supported.

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City & Guilds Group statement

View the City & Guilds Group response to coronavirus, including updates on support for customers, frontline services and business continuity.

Download the statement

Advice and support – useful links

There is a wealth of advice and information you can access. Please visit the link below for more information.

Guidance and advice regarding coronavirus