Updated 12 March

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Covid-secure OSCEs

City & Guilds can confirm that two Covid-secure OSCE series are planned for April and September 2021.

April 2021

April key dates


Friday 09 April 2021


Sunday 18 April 2021

Results available by

Monday 17 May 2021



College of Animal Welfare, Huntingdon

Myerscough College

Hartpury University

University of Glasgow

MYF Training

Northumberland College

September 2021

September key dates


Friday 17 September 2021


Sunday 26 September 2021

Results available by

Monday 25 October 2021


Venues will be confirmed later this year.

Guidance and information

We’re committed to delivering the OSCEs in a Covid-secure way. Our guidance documentation for centres, candidates, examiners and hosting venues has been update;

Covid-secure OSCE Guidance

All candidates must complete the declaration prior to attending the exam.

Candidate declaration

Centres are responsible for ensuring that all candidates have tested negative for Covid-19 (via a rapid lateral-flow test) no less than 48 hours prior to attending their exam. Results of which must be held by the candidate. This will need to be shown to the Senior Examiner upon entry to the venue (either text message or email from NHS website confirming result).

If examiners can’t access testing (either through their employer or local authority) City & Guilds will provided sufficient rapid lateral-flow test kits in advance. The result must be submitted to the NHS website and shown to the Senior Examiner upon entry to the venue (either text message of email confirming the result).

OSCEs recognition agreements

We have OSCE recognition agreements in place with both Central Qualifications and VetSkill which significantly increase the number of OSCE places available to candidates. There may be procedural differences between the City & Guilds approach and another AO however, all three AOs are examining candidate’s competence against the RCVS Day One Skills (DOS) for Veterinary Nurses and therefore contain similar tasks.

The recognition agreements also mean that apprentices who need to complete an end-point assessment (EPA), can do so with their chosen End-point Assessment Organisation (EPAO).

For more information, please contact the respective Awarding Organisations (AO) on the details below:

Central Qualifications (CQ)

Vetskill Limited (VetSkill)


T: 01359 245 316

E: enquiries@cqual.org


T: 01480 278 580

E: info@vetskill.com


Contact us

For further advice please contact our Quality team.

E: veterinarynursing@cityandguilds.com

T: 0300 3035 352