Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Updated OSCE series

We are working to further increase capacity in a safe way for our OSCE series in October and November-December. We are also continuing to look for new venues that can be used to provide additional opportunities for candidates.

We will endeavour to make as many spaces available as possible for the upcoming OSCEs.

Guidance documents

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Candidate entry declaration

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October series

The October series will be prioritised for those candidates who were booked onto the March 2020 OSCE and who have not been entered for either phase 1 or phase 2 of the PBA.

We will also prioritise any candidate booked onto Phase 2 entered into the March OSCE who wishes to withdraw and complete this OSCE instead.


Thursday 29 October 2020


Sunday 08 November

Results available (provisional)

Monday 07 December 2020


November-December series

The November-December series will be prioritised for the following:

  • Any candidate entered for the March 2020 OSCE who has not been entered for either phase 1 or phase 2 of the PBA, who was unable to sit the October series
  • Any candidate due to complete their OSCE by 31 July who has been unable to complete the PBA (including withdrawn candidates)
  • Any candidate entered for phase 2 who has been withdrawn.


Thursday 12 November 2020


Sunday 13 December 2020

Results available (provisional)

Monday 18 January 2021


Any surplus availability in the November-December OSCE series will be made available to centres for candidates who intended to sit the OSCE in September (i.e after 31 July mitigation date). Otherwise they will need to wait until the next available date next year.


OSCEs recognition agreements

Whilst we are committed to delivering the upcoming OSCEs in a Covid-19 safe way, there are a significant number of students still awaiting assessment who may not be able to sit within the October or November/December series. 

We now have OSCE recognition agreements in place with both Central Qualifications and VetSkill significantly increase the number of OSCE places available. There may be procedural differences between the City & Guilds approach and another AO however, all three AOs are examining candidate’s competence against the RCVS Day One Skills (DOS) for Veterinary Nurses and therefore contain similar tasks.

The recognition agreements also mean that apprentices who need to complete an end-point assessment (EPA), can do so with their chosen End-point Assessment Organisation (EPAO). 

For more information please contact the respective Awarding Organisations (AO) on the details below:

Central Qualifications (CQ)

Vetskill Limited (VetSkill)


T: 01359 245 316

E: enquiries@cqual.org


T: 01480 278 580

E: info@vetskill.com


Contact us

For further advice please contact our Quality team.

E: veterinarynursing@cityandguilds.com

T: 0300 3035 352