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Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP)

From 1 May 2017, any organisation which wants to deliver apprenticeships (apprenticeship frameworks and/or Standards), must be listed on the new Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP). 

This will apply whether a provider is delivering to a levied employer or a non-levied employer. The SFA intends to carry out a procurement process in the autumn for contracts to deliver apprenticeships to non-levied employers.

The intention of the new register will ensure improved quality of apprenticeship delivery via increased information requirements. As such, the registration process will have a strong focus on applicant's ability to deliver high quality apprenticeships, supported by applicants' fitness and eligibility to receive public funding. The SFA will review applications via three routes:

Main route: This route will be for the majority of training providers. These organisations will deliver to levied and non-levied employers and will have the capacity to deliver all or the main parts of the apprenticeship. Full application information is required for this route.

Specialist route: This route is for organisations that have specialist knowledge that would be required to support part of the delivery of an apprenticeship. These providers are likely to act as sub-contractors to a main route provider. The capacity and capability testing aspect of the application process would be reduced to reflect this.

Employer-provider route: This is for levied employers who want to deliver apprenticeships directly and solely to their own staff. Employer-providers on the RoATP, are not eligible to be a part of SFA procurement for apprenticeship delivery to non-levied employers.

Within these routes, there are three areas which the organisation will be tested on:

  • Due diligence: This includes factual information regarding legal status, director information and compliance with legislation. 
  • Financial health: There will be different requirements for employers, private training providers and public sector applicants.
  • Quality, capacity and capability tests: This includes Ofsted results, staff knowledge, qualifications and skills, Management Information, performance data and Higher Education, Quality Assurance Agency Reviews for Higher Education Institutions.



The RoATP will open for applications for the first time in October 2016. Following this it will open for new applications every quarter. Organisations on the RoATP must re-apply every 12 months to maintain registration.


What about current apprenticeship subcontractors?

Going forward, all providers regardless of the funding they receive, must be on RoATP to deliver apprenticeships.

Subcontracting the full apprenticeship delivery

The SFA has stated that current subcontracting relationships, in which a provider funds another provider to deliver an agreed number of full apprenticeships, is no longer relevant. From May 2017, levy-paying employers will be able to hold direct contracts with any provider on RoATP. As such, working with an intermediary provider will no longer add value.

Sub-contracting part of the apprenticeship delivery to specialist providers 

The SFA proposes that future subcontracting for apprenticeship delivery is focused around meeting employer needs for specialist provision. For example, a provider could supplement their own delivery by bringing in expertise from supporting providers to deliver parts of apprenticeships that the main provider is unable to source or supply.  The expectation is that a main provider will deliver significantly more than half of each apprentice’s training and at all times will maintain the relationship with the employer. The SFA is still yet to define how they will interpret what comprises 50% of delivery.


Feedback to the SFA about the RoATP

The SFA is seeking feedback regarding their proposal for the RoATP. The feedback survey is open until 5th September 16. Give your views here.


Find out more

View the SFA proposal document for the RoATP here.


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