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City & Guilds has qualifications available in all the Government funding streams. Below is more information on the funding that is available and links for more detailed information.

Adult Education Budget

The Adult Education Budget (AEB) is available to training providers that have a contract with the Government via the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to deliver qualifications to learners aged 19+. AEB can support individual learners to upskill and improve their career and life chances. It can also support employers to meet the current and future skills need of their business, which can lead to increased productivity, motivation and retention of staff.

AEB has two main funding streams;

  1. Local Flexibility – this is a broad curriculum offer available from Entry Level to Level 2, which is intended to support entry to, or to assist learners to improve their career opportunities within the employment market. The government expects providers to deliver courses and programmes that respond to local skills priorities.
  2. Legal Entitlement – this is the statutory entitlement for any learner aged 19-23 to be fully funded to gain a first qualification at level 2 and/or level 3.

City & Guilds offers a wide range of Awards, Certificates and Diplomas from Entry Level, to Level 3 that are funded by the AEB. We provide a catalogue of our AEB funded qualifications divided into subject areas so you can easily search for programmes that suit your curriculum needs.

Download our funded courses directory

Restart scheme

The Restart Scheme is a new £2.9 billion funding scheme commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Its’ aim is to give enhanced support to Universal Credit claimants aged 18 and above and who have been unemployed for 12 to 18 months.

The Scheme is to support individuals from across England and Wales back into employment over a three-year period, through a structured and tailored support plan of up to 12 months.

At City & Guilds we believe in the power of skills to build successful careers, businesses, and economies. It’s what we have been doing since 1848. Supporting individuals to get into a job, develop on the job or move onto the next job.

Find out more and join the webinar >

Pre-existing funding update

You can now read our update here, following the recent announcement by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) regarding the removal of funding from pre-existing qualifications from August 2020.

Guidelines for centres delivering pre-existing nested qualifications >

Download our pre-existing funding update >

16-19 Funding

We have a 16-19 funding page which explains the policy and requirements for 16-19 qualifications and funding.

Learn more about our 16-19 funding and policy >


In 2016/17, the Government reformed the Apprenticeship offer and funding arrangements. City & Guilds apprenticeship webpages will support training providers with information about the reforms, the levy and funding and our apprenticeship and EPA offer.

Visit our apprenticeship webpages >

Maths and English

Our webpages will support providers with everything Maths and English.

View our Maths and English funding webpages >

City & Guilds offer - Maths and English >

19+ FE Adult Learner Loans

The Government funds some qualifications via a loan system so learners and employees can improve their skills and knowledge and pay for course costs via their PAYE, once the qualification is complete. Qualifications in the loan offer are at Level 3 and above and available to individuals aged 19+.

Training providers can access loan funding from the ESFA via an application process, to enable you to deliver loan funded qualification to learners.

Visit our 19+ advanced loan page, which has the all the information needed to help you get started. 

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