How to close the skills gap By 2025

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal to attend skills discussion

31 March 2014

On Tuesday 1 April 2014, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal attended the Skills Symposium on behalf of City & Guilds Group at the House of Saint Barnabas* to explore the theme of ‘How to close the skills gap by 2025.’   

Skills gaps, which are jobs that go unfilled because of a lack of skilled candidates, are a problem in many countries across the globe. In fact, the UK Commission for Employment and Skills found that 146,200 job vacancies (22 per cent) remained unfilled last year because of inadequate skills.   

City & Guilds partnered with the New Statesman for the event. One of its senior editors, Jon Bernstein acted as chair, and the outcomes will be published in the magazine and online on Tuesday 15 April.   

HRH The Princess Royal was joined by renowned influencers from numerous sectors who shared ideas about how to close the skills gap by 2025. Three themes were the focus for the discussion: technology, youth unemployment and shifting demographics.   

The discussion explored potential skills needs and discussed ways in which education and training can most effectively prepare people of all ages to thrive in that world.  

*City & Guilds is a founding member of the new Club at the HoSB. It also collaborates to provide accreditation and assessments on a charity-to-charity basis.


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