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Young people in the UK are more inspired by successful entrepreneurs than by pop stars.

07 December 2012 / Be the first to comment

Young people in the UK are more inspired by successful entrepreneurs than by pop or reality TV show stars, according to new research from the City & Guilds Centre for Skills Development (CSD). 

JK Rowling came top in the admiration stakes with 53 per cent, followed by Richard Branson (50 per cent) and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (37 per cent). 

The figures come from ‘Making Sure Tomorrow Works,’ a study of 1,544 14-to 20-year-olds carried out by the Future Foundation. The questions covered expectations of the future, how best to earn money and build careers, and measures of optimism. 

When it comes to role models for career choices, those who exemplify hard work and creativity are most admired; nearly three quarters said they look up to people who build their own businesses. In contrast, just three per cent cited Kate Moss, four per cent Kim Kardashian, and eight per cent Justin Bieber. The findings were released in advance of The Skills Show 2012, the UK’s biggest skills and careers event, of which City & Guilds is Premier Sponsor. 

‘The figures reveal a picture of a balanced and mature generation who understand the importance of talent, hard work and good values in achieving career success,’ says Russell Pocock, Head of Learner Engagement, City & Guilds. ‘That’s why City & Guilds is supporting The Skills Show in 2012, and for the next two years – so we can enable young people to recognise opportunities, inspire them to develop the skills they need to succeed and help them shape their tomorrow.’

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