New partnership ‘activates’ tech-based learning for tomorrow’s workplace

City & Guilds partners up with Activate Learning

03 July 2015 / Be the first to comment

City & Guilds UK, one of the UK’s leading skills education businesses, and Activate Learning have formed a partnership to support colleges and training providers to achieve excellence in teaching through technological innovation.

The partnership, named 'City & Guilds Advance', recognises that there are challenges in incorporating digital into FE learning and aims to address these by supporting colleges into making changes that will future-proof their businesses and ensure their learners have the very best learning experience.

A recent City & Guilds report, Techno-logic’ found that although 88% of training providers believed e-learning made training more accessible to learners, almost half of the staff surveyed struggled to find the time to change their approach or develop their skills.

Kirstie Donnelly MBE, Managing Director City & Guilds UK said: “City & Guilds are delighted to be partnering with Activate Learning, who are pioneering new approaches to successful learning and teaching support in the UK. Together we will shape innovative new tech-based learning solutions that will help colleges and training providers deliver efficient services and ensure their learners have the right skills to excel in the workplace of tomorrow.

“This new partnership will bring together City & Guilds 140 years of experience in the skills-based education and Activate Learning’s proven experience in delivering transformational, sustainable change through digital innovation.”

Using the principles gathered from the Further Education Learning Technology Action Group (FELTAG), the consultancy service offered by ‘City & Guilds Activate’ focuses on streamlining teaching, learning and assessment though the use of technology.

Sally Dicketts CBE, Group Chief Executive Officer of Activate Learning said: “In the current climate further education colleges must work more closely together to share skills and expertise. They must also be prepared to adopt new ways of working to achieve the best possible outcomes for learners.

“At Activate Learning our teams have built a reputation for developing innovative approaches to teaching and learning, enabled by advances in digital technologies. This includes making use of browser-based and wearable technologies to extend and empower our students’ learning.

“Teams have already been sharing their expertise informally and we look forward to building on this further through this new partnership with City &Guilds Advance.”

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