The Government needs to target those at risk, says City & Guilds

Read our response to the BIS Committee’s Adult Literacy and Numeracy Report

08 September 2014 / Be the first to comment

Speaking about the BIS Committee’s Adult Literacy and Numeracy Report, Patrick Craven, Head of Learning, Assessment & Design Practice at City & Guilds said:

‘It’s encouraging to hear that the Government will promote the funding and support available for adults wanting to study English and maths up to GCSE level. Accessing such information and advice has been a significant barrier in the past, but at last we’re addressing this situation.

‘Now the Government needs to focus on targeting those who are most at risk, or hardest to reach – and make sure that English and Maths programmes are flexible enough to meet their needs, no matter what level of skills they already have or their previous academic success. That’s why we’re delighted that the Government has taken our recommendations on board and will recognise alternative measures to GCSES.

‘We work extensively with the Army, offender learners, and within the broader community. Time and time again, we see how bite-sized learning, taught in a flexible environment, is the most effective in raising attainment levels among adults. It gives people the opportunity to gradually improve their skills as well as gain confidence.

‘Everyone learns in different ways and favours different assessment strategies. This has to be taken into account if we want to improve the country’s literacy and numeracy. We look forward to seeing how the Government takes this forward, and I hope it remains a priority of all political parties in the run up to the General Election.’ 

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