Sarah Fillaudeau

Career Timeline 1978 – Present

I’m a highly-experienced therapist with over 38 years in the industry.  So where did it all begin…

As a teenager, I used to watch the Love Boat and dreamed one day I would work on board a luxury liner sailing around the world.

I started out in the hair and beauty industry as an apprentice, once qualified I set sail for working for Coiffeur Transocean and guess what? Sailing around the world doing my dream job on board the love boat….

This is where I was introduced to the world of luxury Spa’s and service of excellence.

Before returning to the UK I had one more stop Bermuda, a small island in the middle of the Atlantic it was here I was given the opportunity to work for Bersalon as Salon and Spa Coordinator and my passion for the Spa industry really began.

After spending time working at senior management level within a major hotel chain, I decided to share my passion and started teaching in further education.  For many years, I have delivered high quality training experiences encouraging learners to take part in the UK Skills competitions which is dubbed to be the Beauty Olympics! One of the highlights of my career is watching one of my learners walk on stage and take the gold medal, It’s awesome industry.

I joined City & Guilds as an external quality assure, consultant and moderator, I have aided in the writing and development of the new technical qualifications and been instrumental in developing forearms massage technique.

You can catch me most weekends at the Hale Country Club and Spa, I’m still on the shop floor doing what I love to do, working with clients helping them on their spa journey….

So, what’s my advice or tip… Find a job you love to do and you will never work a day in your life and dream big…I did…!