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Level 2 Plumbing and Electrotech Diploma Scientific Principles Digital Learning

City & Guilds has developed Scientific Principles for the Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing Studies and Level 2 Diploma in Electrotechnical Craft. These enhanced SmartScreen packages have been designed specifically to support learners taking unit 203 (Plumbing) and 202 (Electrotech).

Our packages include interactive activities and video content to give learners a more engaging and rewarding learning experience. 

For more information, check our the demo video below or download the fact sheet.

Take a look at the demo of Scientific Principles

Benefits for centres

  • Comprehensive coverage of all the learning outcomes related to this unit – with demonstration videos linked to sample questions
  • Delivery of the theory through interactive and engaging material
  • Save time and resources with materials mapped to the City & Guilds units
  • Automatic learner progress tracking and monitoring
  • Can be used as a tool for helping any learners who have missed sessions to catch up
  • Tracking to enable focus on specific areas of weakness that groups of learners may have

Benefits for learners

  • A practical experience that 'shows' as well as 'tells' what they need to know
  • The ability to see progress and scores in the e-learning, therefore knowing what they still have to complete, and where they need to improve
  • Valuable feedback on their answers to questions, with prompts and hints being offered
  • Dozens of practice questions per unit
  • Direct access anytime, anywhere on phones, tablets or PCs

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