Principal Learning for Construction and Built Environment (2764)

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2016
The Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment provides learners with the underpinning knowledge and basic skills needed in a wide range of industry areas. It explores the built environment in terms of its economic, social and environmental impact on both individuals and communities. This Diploma also looks at the different demands made upon land use over time as well as the activities which shape, develop and influence the built environment. The Construction and the Built Environment Diploma provides an understanding of how this key sector works from the inside out.
For learners who want to establish a firm foundation of knowledge and skills in construction and the built environment.
Available to deliver in the following:
  • England

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General Information

What Is Involved In Studying This Course?

Level 1 builds on a strong foundation and will introduce you to the world of construction and the built environment.
Level 2 provides a gateway to the different sectors of the construction sector and the built environment. It allows you to build on acquired knowledge and understanding and progress into further/higher education and future employment.
Level 3 builds on the knowledge and understanding gained at level 2 and allows progression into higher education and employment.

What Careers Can This Lead To?

On completion learners will gain the skills and knowledge required to progress onto apprenticeships, further education or university along with significant opportunities to in the construction sector.

What Is Involved With Delivering This Course?

To deliver these qualifications you will need to be a qualified assessor and have verifiable and relevant current or real experience and competence of the occupational working area at or above the level being assessed and evidence of the quality of occupational experience to ensure the credibility of the assessment judgements.

Level 3

One or more pathways within this qualification has been approved by the DfE to appear in the 2016 Performance Tables. To review the qualifications approved please click here

 Learners will:
  • develop an understanding of planning requirements and their impact on design
  • recognise the properties and uses of construction materials
  • explore the application of design principles and apply acquired knowledge to the design of a complex structure
  • gain an understanding of groundworks, substructure, superstructure and external works
  • become aware of the hazards and risks commonly encountered in constructing the built environment
  • explore the contribution the built environment makes to the physical, spiritual and emotional well-being as well as the economic prosperity of individuals and the community
  • be introduced to facilities management and other support services

Level 3 Principal Learning for Construction and Built Environment (2764-03)

Last Registration Date: 31 Aug 2015

Level 3 Principal Learning for Construction and Built Environment

  • Accreditation No: 600/6481/X This is a reference number related to UK accreditation framework
  • Type: VRQ This is categorisation to help define qualification attributes e.g. type of assessment
  • Credits: Data unavailable Credits are a measure of the size of the qualification
  • Guided Learning Hours: 560 - 560 This is the average contact time a centre would typically commit
  • Total Qualification Time: Data unavailable The total time for the qualification
  • Key Stage: Data unavailable This shows the equivalent Key Stage level.
  • Last Certification: 31/08/2018 This is the last date that a certificate can be issued

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