Level 2 Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (4290) Digital learning

City & Guilds and Electude, the world’s leading automotive e-learning company, have come together to create an interactive e-learning programme to support the Level 2 Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair. The e-learning programme is tied directly to all nine of the mandatory units within the level 2 qualification. 

Today learners want to choose the way in which they learn. That's why City & Guilds  digital learning takes a game-like and interactive approach allowing learners to "learn by doing". Many students use an intuitive approach where they simply get started and only refer to texts and manuals once they run into difficulties. 

Take a look at the demo of the Digital learning

Benefits for centres

  • Train on the latest developments in automotive technology, using the latest technologies and engine simulation programmes
  • Materials have been organised to clearly cover the complete 4290/4270 specification making it easier to manage units and offers blended learning
  • Allows tutors to offer customised digital learning solutions
  • Learners' level of skill and knowledge is measurable, providing tutors the ability to track learner’s progress, scores and time taken to complete tasks
  • Hosted via City & Guilds SmartScreen platform

Benefits for learners

  • Interactive and engaging learning with a game-like style
  • Speeds up the learning process and is an enjoyable way to learn 
  • Merges the theoretical with practical 
  • Makes understanding components and their operation much easier to understand 
  • Shows learning progression and provides immediate results 
  • Accessible online anytime, anywhere, any place