Streetworks Excavation and Reinstatement (6156)

  • Closed for registrations
Last Updated: 01 Jun 2017
These qualifications are for those employed in carrying out and monitoring works on the highway and cover a range of skills from those who need to safeguard their work by signing lighting and guarding to carrying out excavation and re-instatement work. They are available for both operators and supervisors.
These qualifications provide routes to registration or re-registration on the Street Works Qualifications Register (SWQR) required under the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991. Re-registration is required every 5 years.
From April 2011, anyone carrying out work on the highways in England, under the provisions of the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991, is required to be reassessed every 5 years. This will enable re-registration on the SWQR.
6156-23 initial assessment is suitable for operatives and supervisors who have not worked on the highway before and require registration on the SWQR.
6156-24 re-assessments are suitable for operatives and supervisors who work on highways in England, are already registered on the SWQR and need to renew their registration.
Available to deliver in the following:
  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • International

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General Information

What Is Involved In Studying This Course?
Streetworks qualifications cover the areas below and more:
  • Location and avoidance of underground apparatus
  • Signing, lighting and guarding
  • Excavation in the highway
  • Reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials
  • Reinstatement of sub-base and roadbase in non-bituminous materials
  • Reinstatement in cold-lay bituminous materials
  • Reinstatement in hot-lay bituminous materials
  • Reinstatement of concrete slabs
  • Reinstatement of modular surfaces.
6156-23 initial assessment is assessed by observation of practical tasks and a pre-set question bank.
6156-24 reassessment is assessed by a choice of paper based or on-line multiple choice question knowledge tests. This requires candidate registration. 

Learners must present a valid Street Works Card (as issued by the SWQR) and an independent photo identification before any re-assessment.

Which qualification is right for me?

Street works qualifications are available for operatives and supervisors depending upon your role.
You might need both for your role.
What Careers Can This Lead To?

You will  be employed as either an operative or supervisor working on the highway seeking initial or re-registration of competence with the SWQR. You might also be a highways engineer monitoring these works.

Once you have completed the qualification you may be interested in further learning:

  • Network Construction Operations (6028)
  • Working in Confined Spaces (6150)
  • Electrical Power Engineering (2339)
What Is Involved With Delivering This Course?
To deliver these qualifications you will need suitably qualified staff to carry out training and assessment.
You will also need suitable facilities to carry out the required training to enable learners to achieve industry standards.

To find all the resource requirements for delivery and assessment in the centre documents and assessment materials sections on this page.

Level 2

Reassessed Streetworks Excavation and Reinstatement (2016) (6156-24)
Last Registration Date: 06 Apr 2017
Closed for registrations

Reassessed Streetworks Excavation and Reinstatement: Monitoring Signing, Lighting and Guarding (2016)

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