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Information for teaching staff and exams officers

Information for teaching staff and exams officers

This page provides information for teaching staff and exams officers.

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Contingency planning and exam disruption

Updated guidance on handling disruption, such as industrial action, is available from the Department for Education, the regulators, the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and City & Guilds. Please read the following communication for details.

Read the update

We have updated our guidance in line with the regulators to ensure it is clear to centres their responsibilities, and the steps that must be taken to ensure exams/assessments can continue:

Download the Emergency Situation Assessment Delivery Guidance

Heads of centre must complete a declaration (on behalf of their centre) to confirm they have read the update and your centre has the relevant contingency plans in place

Complete the declaration form


Ofqual has been clear that adaptations to assessments put in place due to Covid-19 are no longer permitted by centres:

“For academic year 2022/23, in line with the government’s policy to return to pre-pandemic arrangements for exams and assessments, the use of adaptations is no longer permitted to assist in mitigating the impact of the pandemic or in response to public health measures.”

Any adaptations previously published or permitted by City & Guilds are therefore no longer valid. All Heads of Centre must ensure that assessment adaptations are not being implemented as part of the current academic year.

Centres who are found to have continued to implement adaptations risk the validity of assessment.

Student results are at risk if centres continue to apply adaptations.

Heads of Centre must confirm that adaptations are no longer in use by completing the declaration form below:

Complete the declaration form

Ensuring results are on-time

It is vital that City & Guilds is able to release results on time.

It is a centres responsibility to ensure;

  • Registrations and all applicable assessment entries are made in Walled Garden for each learner by the published deadline
  • You keep student registration and booking data accurate and up to date throughout the academic year
  • You do not make duplicate bookings for the same assessment, or make bookings for assessments that are not required
  • All students have a single enrolment number, and that any discrepancies (i.e. a student enrolment merge is required) are resolved prior to results being issued
  • All students undertaking an exam have the relevant booking, prior to sitting the exam
  • Exams are administered correctly, and that all paper scripts are securely packaged and returned to the correct address on time and via recorded delivery
  • That all relevant assessment marks, grades and evidence are submitted to us no later than the published deadline
  • Every student has the marks / grades submitted to enable them the opportunity to complete their qualification (i.e. the Rules of Combination are met)

Student completion data

We are committed to ensuring all students can complete their qualifications.

For our Technical Qualifications and T Levels, for the 2022-23 academic year, centres will be required to inform City & Guilds whether a student is intending to complete their qualification this year (i.e. in August).

Communication will be sent to Quality Contacts and Exams Officers in early March explain how we intend to capture this data. 

This request is mandatory and must be actioned immediately.

City & Guilds will use this data to carry out further checks ensuring centres have made all relevant bookings for assessment components, particularly for students that are progressing to further education or employment.

We are also working with UCAS to ensure we have up-to-date data for students who are progressing to University / Higher Education.

Heads of Centre are responsible for ensuring their centre has made the relevant assessment entries and submit all relevant information (marks, grades and evidence) to City & Guilds on time.

Checkpoint 2 final declaration

Key submission dates

Centres must ensure they submit all required marks, grades and evidence for our Technical Qualifications, T Levels and Extended Project Qualification.

This ensures students can complete their qualification (where applicable) and that results are issues on time.

Centres who do not submit on time risk results being late for their students. Late submission of results is considered a serious matter and will be reported to our Investigation & Compliance team.

We have provided a list of key submission dates for these qualifications below:

T Levels

Submission type

Final date

Closing date to upload all Employer-Set Project (ESP) evidence to Walled Garden for:

  • Maintenance, Installation and Repair for Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Engineering, Manufacturing, Processing and Control
  • Design and Devlopment for Engineering and Manufacturing

Friday 31 March

Closing date to upload all Employer-Set Project (ESP) evidence to Walled Garden for:

  • Building Services Engineering for Construction
  • Onsite construction
  • Management & Admin

Friday 12 May

Closing date to submit marks and evidence for the Occupational Specialisms to the Moderation Portal

Friday 19 May


Technical Qualifications

Submission type

Final date

Closing date to submit marks and evidence to the Moderation Portal for all Level 2 and Level 3 synoptic assignments

Friday 19 May

Final date to submit grades and evidence to the Moderation Portal for mandatory units and all other assessed components (if applicable) and EI (KS5 only).

Friday 2 June


Extended Project Qualification

Submission type

Final date

Closing date to submit marks and evidence to the Moderation Portal for the project

Friday 19 May

Ofqual resources for exams officers

Ofqual is updating its resources for exams officers. Over the next year, Ofqual will work with the National Association of Examinations Officers and the wider sector to promote and support the role of the exams officer.

Ofqual resources for exams officers

Post-results services

For T Level post-results services, including our access to scripts services, please visit the T Level Resource Hub.

For all other qualifications, please visit the Centre Document Library.