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Deliver TechBac

Get up and running to deliver City & Guilds TechBac.

To help you to deliver and meet the needs of all your different learners, we’ve created a flexible approach to purchasing.

Technical Qualifications and Workplace Skills can be purchased individually, however, for your learners to achieve the TechBac, they must be combined.

Resource requirements and support

What are the resource requirements?

For Technical Qualifications

Full details around resource, equipment and staff requirements needed for delivery of each our Technical Qualifications can be found in the handbook of the relevant qualification.  Find your qualification>

Note that due to 14-19 reforms, there are a number of changes to new Technical qualifications which will impact on your planning for delivery. 
Find out more about the changes here >

For Workplace Skills

To deliver Workplace Skills you need:

  • An internet-enabled device to access the Skills Zone learning platform
  • Video recording device such as a camcorder or mobile phone in order to submit the learners’ video pitch for the Team Challenge
  • Speakers or headphones to play video content in the classroom

What support is available?

We have a dedicated team on hand to support TechBac centres with planning through to delivery of Technical Qualifications and Workplace Skills, as well as how best to combine the two throughout the year.

For Technical Qualifications

We provide comprehensive support to centres delivering our Technical Qualifications, including site visits, resources and tailored delivery training.

Our dedicated team will support you at every stage – from curriculum planning through to implementation, and throughout programme delivery. 
Find out how we will support your centre for Technical Qualifications>

For Workplace Skills

Each Centre delivering Workplace Skills has a dedicated Digital Advisor who can assist with planning, staff training and on-boarding. 
Find resources and how we support centres delivering Workplace Skills>

Approval process for delivering Technical Qualifications

If your centre isn’t already  approved to offer City & Guilds qualifications, products and services, you’ll need to complete a Centre Approval (CAP) Form, which includes one qualification approval.

  1. If you are already an approved City & Guilds centre, you’ll need to complete a Qualification Approval (QAP) Form for the specific Technical Qualification.

  2. We’ll visit your centre as part of the approval process, and give you tailored support on how to deliver City & Guilds Technical Qualifications.

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Getting ready to deliver new TechBac Qualifications

To help you prepare to deliver the new City & Guilds Technical Qualifications, we have produced a series of help videos and PDF guides on key topics like moderation and assessment.

View PDF guides and other resources >

Anita Crossland, Senior Education Manager, introduces the new City and Guilds Technical Qualifications   Daniel White, Policy and Compliance Lead, on the approvals process.
 Georgie Shillitoe, 14-19 Qualification Progression Manager, on assessment   Rachel Roberts, Senior Quality Manager talks about the Moderation process for the new Technical Qualifications 
 Diane Mitchell, Portfolio Advisor, demonstrates a curriculum plan for the new City & Guilds Technical Qualifications    
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What funding is available?

Funding at Key Stage 4 (14-16)
  • All City & Guilds Technical Qualifications appear on  Section 96 for funding of 14-16 year olds
  • The Project Qualification that sits within Workplace Skills also appears on Section 96 for funding of 14-16 year olds
Funding at Key Stage 5 (16-19)
  • All City & Guilds Technical Qualifications appear on Section 96 for funding of 16-19 year olds
  • The Project Qualification within Workplace Skills also appears on Section 96 for funding of 16-19 year olds. When delivered within Workplace Skills, the Project Qualification can be used to enhance a programme of study
Funding for 19+
  • City & Guilds Technical Qualifications are also currently available for 24+ Adult Learning Loans, and from September 2016, will be available for 19+ FE loans.
  • City & Guilds Technical Qualifications have been identified as ‘core qualifications’ by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA), and can be used as part of the statutory entitlement for learners aged 19+ to gain their first full Level 2 or 3 qualification.

Read more about funding

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