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TechBac FAQs

Below are the answers to some of the most frequent questions we’ve been asked about City & Guilds TechBac.

How does City & Guilds TechBac differ from existing vocational provision?

City & Guilds TechBac is distinct from other vocational options (such as BTEC) in that it includes not just a Technical Qualification, but our Workplace Skills programme.

What is City & Guilds TechBac

City & Guilds TechBac is a new practical, skills-based programme of study for 14-19 year olds. It combines a Technical Qualification with our Workplace Skills programme.

Studying a TechBac gives learners relevant practical skills as well as developing confidence and readiness for work, which increases their employability.

Is TechBac the same as the Government’s Technical Baccalaureate?

No. The Government’s Technical Baccalaureate (TechBacc) is only a performance measure. This measure includes an approved Level 3 Tech Level qualification, a Level 3 Maths qualification and an extended project. When delivered alongside Level 3 Maths, such as A Level Maths or City & Guilds Core Maths, City & Guilds TechBac can meet the requirements of this measure.

However, City & Guilds TechBac also provides learners with a broader programme through Workplace Skills.

Do learners need to complete English and Maths with TechBac?

  • At Key Stage 5, if a learner hasn’t yet achieved English and/or Maths at GCSE C or above, then they’ll have to continue studying towards this. This is not part of the City & Guilds TechBac however, is part of a learners programme of study.
  • Learners who achieved a grade D must be enrolled on a GCSE
  • Learners who received grade E or below, may study Functional Skills or ESOL to meet this requirement

Do learners taking a TechBac have to register separately on the Technical Qualification and Workplace Skills?

Yes. A learner will need to register separately for:

  • Workplace Skills (includes registration onto the Project Qualification)
  • Technical Qualification

Does TechBac meet Ofsted requirements?

Yes. You can download our mapping document which shows how TechBac works alongside the requirements of the new Common Inspection Framework (CIF)

How long does a learner have to achieve a TechBac?

There’s no time limit on the time it takes to achieve a TechBac, however it’s expected to last the duration of the learner’s study – either one or two years.

Does TechBac meet the FELTAG digital agenda?

Yes. You can download our mapping document which shows how TechBac works alongside the requirements of FELTAG.

Is TechBac available outside England?

At present TechBac is only available in England.

We’re currently exploring options to make it available to other markets.

What does the TechBac statement of achievement look like on candidate history?

It will show as full TechBac achievement under the codes 9961, 9962 or 9963 but will also have the relevant project qualification and whatever Technical qualification the candidate has successfully completed. The Skills Zone badges that the learner has successfully completed will also be visible as part of this.

Does the statement of achievement look similar to a listing certificate?

Yes it does. It also details the Technical Qualification achieved along with the relevant project qualification and Skills Zone badges.

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