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Workplace Skills FAQs

Below are the answers to some of the most frequent questions we’ve been asked about City & Guilds Workplace Skills.

City & Guilds Workplace Skills

What are Workplace Skills and Skills Zone?

City & Guilds Workplace Skills is a study programme for 14-19 year olds, which develops the ‘soft skills’ that employers need. Workplace Skills is a component of City & Guilds TechBac. As such, it complements all our Technical Qualifications, regardless of their occupational sector.

  • Skills Zone is the gateway to workplace skills, which develops the ‘Soft-Skills’ – (attitudes and behaviours) - of TechBac alongside the Technical Qualification. Workplace Skills recognises 24 Skills (These are: Self-Analysis, Self-Motivation, Independent Learning, Using Feedback, Managing Stress, Using Online Resources, Communicating Digitally, Using Digital Technology, Commercial Awareness, Understanding Customers, Social Responsibility, Negotiate & Persuade, Impact & Audience, Listen & Understand, Planning for Success, Adapting to Change, Decision Making, Team Working, Professionalism, Resilience, Financial Awareness, Problem Analysis, Designing Solutions, Generate Pitch Ideas) through four sets of different experiences
  • My Skills - A series of rich social e-learning resources, mapped to the 7 core employability skills of City & Guilds Workplace Skills
  • My Team Challenge - This is a nationally set competition which allows learners to work together on a task. Find out more details of the 2015/16 Team Challenge here.
  • My Project Qualification - The project qualification available at level 2 and level 3 is highly  regarded by universities and schools for promoting independent learning
  • My Work Placement Support- access to e-learning to help tutors and learners prepare and get the most from their placement, as well as an interactive logbook to help them track and review what they have learnt.

The outcomes of Workplace Skills is recognition through Digital Credentials in 7 Skills Areas

1) Self-development 2) Communication 3) Workplace Literacy 4) Innovation 5) Digital Skills

6) Enterprise 7) Delivering Results, which are learner owned for life through Digital Credentials and portability through My CV, an online CV tool.

What levels are available for Workplace Skills?

The Project Qualification component of Workplace Skills is available at Level 2 (Higher Project) and Level 3 (Extended Project).

The My Skills experience within Workplace Skills is available at two levels:  Level 2 (Work Ready) and Level 3 (Expert).

How many guided learning hours (GLH) are required for Workplace Skills?

The amount of guided learning hours (GLH) will vary from centre to centre, however we will provide guidance on the website.

When planning study programmes, providers should consider that Skills Zone is an intuitive platform which can be used to tailor delivery to learners’ abilities and needs, and doesn’t need to be carried out face-to-face in a classroom setting. The Skills Zone platform lends itself to a “flipped learning” approach and provides centres with the opportunity to embrace many of the FELTAG recommendations approaches to blended learning.

How is Skills Zone quality assured and standardised?

Each centre will receive training, but it is recommended that a centre has a ‘super user’ who can carry out standardisation across the centre. As part of the quality assurance process, sampling will be undertaken, looking at the awarding of digital credentials/open badges. Any issues will be raised with the centre directly.

Will the tutor receive an alert if an inappropriate comment is reported on Skills Zone?

Yes. A learner can flag an inappropriate comment through Skills Zone to the tutor, who can remove anything they deem to be inappropriate.

Do learners have to register on Skills Zone individually?

Yes. Learners will receive activation emails from their tutor to begin the login process.

How long do learners have to complete their Skills Zone learning?

There is no specific time limit, however learners are expected to complete this over the duration of their study.

If learners complete Skills Zone learning but not the Technical Qualification or the rest of Workplace Skills, will they still get a certificate?

The Record of Achievement is only awarded for completion of the full TechBac. Learners who complete the Skills Zone content only will still be able to showcase this through their online CV.

Project Qualification

What are the benefits of the Project Qualification for learners?

The Project Qualification needs to be completed as part of City & Guilds TechBac.

It’s highly regarded by universities and recognised for promoting independent study. The Extended Project (Level 3) carries UCAS points to support progression to higher education and is part of the Government’s Technical Baccalaureate measure.


What happens if I miss the deadline for submitting learners’ marks and evidence for the Higher Project and Extended Project qualifications?

If the deadline for the submission of learners’ marks and evidence is missed, City & Guilds cannot guarantee that the final grades will be issued to centres by the published dates and are likely to be delayed. This will impact on Extended Project learners who have conditional offers from universities.

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