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Project Qualification is a project that develops planning, research, critical thinking, and evaluation and presentation skills in young people.

This qualification is available at Level 2 and 3, and is highly regarded by colleges and universities for promoting independent learning.

My Project Qualification is a standalone qualification which can be taken alongside other studies, preparing the learner for further learning and employment. The Level 3 qualification carries up to 28 UCAS points that can be used towards a points offer from a university, and so supports progression to higher education.














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What’s involved in a Project Qualification?

The focus of the Project Qualification can be:

  • a piece of extended writing such as an essay on a particular subject
  • a performance – sport, dance or drama
  • a report on an investigation into an issue or problem
  • an artefact – a piece of artwork, a design, model or prototype of an object.

Your learners can choose a method to showcase their Project that suits them.

The skills Project Qualification enables learners to develop include:

  • planning
  • research
  • writing
  • Investigation.

Projects are overseen – not taught. Typically the person overseeing the project is not a specialist in the chosen area but helps support the learner through the project process.

Learners can choose a project topic that enhances their main subject of study, completing the project alongside their technical/vocational qualification.

Who is Project Qualification for?

  • Learners already studying at Level 2 or 3, no matter the subject or occupational choice.
  • Learners who would like to showcase knowledge in other pathways or areas outside their qualification.
  • Learners who have an ambition to go into an apprenticeship or to university.
  • Those learners who need stretch and challenge.
  • Learners who are completing a TechBac

What are the benefits of Project Qualification?

For education providers

  • My Project Qualification complements university and apprenticeship applications as it carries UCAS points at Level 3.
  • It can help a learner showcase more understanding in a chosen career pathway and allows them to demonstrate important skills that employers and universities expect.
  • My Project Qualification is a valuable extension to a qualification if learners want to go on to an apprenticeship or job and need evidence of ‘Project' work.

For learners

  • Helps learners to develop independent planning and writing skills that will assist them when completing their Technical Qualification and if they decide to progress to University/higher level studies.
  • It gives learners the freedom to work on a key area of their studies in great depth which will help them to progress to further studies or into a job in that field. 
  • My Project Qualification allows learners to discover the joys of independent learning, take responsibility for their own study and develop new life and study skills.
  • Gives learners the opportunity to investigate areas that aren't part of their Technical Qualification and improve their skills within that area. 

Teaching and learning support and resources

See below for comprehensive guidance to assist Tutors with delivering Project Qualification.

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Project Qualification explained

David Wackett, City & Guilds Industry Manager for Project Qualification, discusses in a nutshell, what Project Qualification is all about.

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