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Team Challenge

Team Challenge is an annual competition where groups of young people compete on a real work project.

The team challenge is designed to help learners experience and demonstrate the practical workplace and team working skills they will need to excel at an apprenticeship, work or university.

Team Challenge takes place each academic year, and this year (2017-18) City & Guilds is excited to present the 'Best of British Blog' as the TechBac Team Challenge. As part of the TechBac programme, participating teams will compete to produce the best online blog which showcases British values are demonstrated in their local communities.

View the 'Best of British' Challenge launch video below. 

Each session promotes active teamwork, the use of Workplace Skills and time for reflection. To support each session we have provided:

  • a session plan for the facilitator
  • a PowerPoint presentation
  • a learner activity sheet (can be completed on-screen or printed off and done on paper)
  • an engagement video to kick off each session.

All support materials are available through your TechBac Workplace Skills login.

The Best of British Team challenge runs from 31st September 2017 and the final day for the blog submissions is 1st June 2018. The winners will receive their prize on a mutually agreed date in June/July 2018.

Each member of the winning team will receive a £50 Amazon gift voucher and a group VIP trip to London (watch for more details!)


Kelsey Smith

Thomson Reuters, sponsor of the 2014/15 Team Challenge

“It is an opportunity to practise some of the [workplace] skills in a safe area without any risk or opportunity to make a fool of yourself. These students will benefit from this experience having stepped in front of an audience and delivered a presentation.”  

How does Team Challenge help young people? 

Team Challenge helps to connect young people with real employers, allowing them to feel more confident and prepared for the workplace.

It does this by giving young people the key workplace skills needed to go on to an apprenticeship or to a work environment. These skills are relevant to all job types, and include communication, presenting ideas in front of others, innovation and teamwork.

Team Challenge 2015

2015 learners take the annual Team Challenge and showcase their teamwork in action.

How does Team Challenge work?

Learners work in small teams over a set period to explore the Team Challenge subject, which for this year is 'Best of British', and submit a blog which explores it in depth.

Blogs from each team are submitted to City & Guilds at which point City & Guilds will choose a winning entry.  

How can I get involved?

Find out how you can get involved in the 2017-2018 Team Challenge.

Education providers

Enrol your learners on Team Challenge

To give your learners the chance to take part in Team Challenge and meet with leading employers like the BBC, register your teams by clicking on the ‘register your teams here’ tab on the top right.

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Get involved with, or sponsor, Team Challenge

Our Team Challenge is a great way to connect with young people and to meet your CSR agenda. At the same time, your staff will be helping to shape the skills of the future.

If you’d like to know more about Team Challenge, or want to get involved in next year’s competition (2017-2018 academic year), then please email us at:


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